Short Order: Clyde Edwards-Helaire

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Seafood’s all well and good, but sometimes I want something meatier. I’m no film guy, but once I saw what this kid could do I realized that if he could translate his play at LSU up to NFL-level, he could be something special. Due respect to Damien, he’s been a solid RB for us, but frankly speaking he made the best use of his opportunities and I think Clyde can create opportunities as well as exploit them. Things could get really interesting, and why do I think that? First, let’s have a look at some reviews of him.

The reason that I’m high on CEH is because the Legion of Zoom and the best TE playing right now stress defenses, stretching them wide and deep. So if the deep stuff pulls players away from the LoS, where can you attack? With the short game, but with a twist, since he’s got good hands. Now you add stress with guys needing to stay closer to scrimmage to contain him – and let’s not forget that St. Patrick’s got wheels of his own. If he works out (and we have an actual season), we could be in for something special, yet again.

Late addition, and an opportunity to see our guy through the eyes of nouveau riche TB12 fans with hopes and dreams just waiting to be dashed asunder. Followed by a Louisiana sports radio guy who has an opinion about the criticism of CEH’s pass blocking.

Of course, that’s all a matter of potential, and we see promising players from every draft fail to make the leap to the NFL or fall well short of expectations if they do make a roster. Still, I think that the Veach-led personnel side has been pretty sharp since he took the helm, at least as far as evaluating talent goes, in spite of his very first pick not having worked out (so far), so I’m optimistic about his future.

What do you think?

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07/08/2020 1:20 pm

if/when they actually play football again, this kid could be fun …
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Reply to  upamtn
07/08/2020 1:39 pm

I fully expect the season to unfold, whether we are able to go watch live is another thing all together.

Reply to  01lowbird
07/08/2020 1:51 pm

oh, I’d like to think we’d get to watch … then again, it MIGHT end up as “you gotta pay big bucks to see it just on cable

Reply to  upamtn
07/08/2020 2:22 pm

OMG that would be horrid… for my son’s college fund

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Reply to  01lowbird
07/08/2020 4:23 pm

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