Seafood Buffet

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Come sample this feast for your eyes, but beware lest it make you hunger for more.

Leading off this assortment is one from Red Tribe, and while watching it, it struck me that this OT contains a warning for the entire NFL: If you elect to receive, make sure you score, because if you don’t, between Mahomes and Butker your fate is basically sealed.

There’s bad news in the next one, but also some subtle good news: There aren’t many teams that can duplicate the talent of the Chargers’ DL, and our OL is going to get better as they shake down.

While I’ve only experienced half of that drought, this one touched me. I won’t repeat the backstory, but all the feels. NFL Films does its predictably outstanding job here.

Bon appétit!

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09/25/2020 1:03 pm

That piece of fish is starting to look a little green..

Reply to  rip58
09/25/2020 1:05 pm

Sorry Brag..

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