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We have the 3 lamest editors on a football blog that you can get.  Make that 4 lame editors.  Let me name them.  ups, nova, pomp and brag.  These guys only promote ‘facebook’ like posts.  A huge majority of what they post is nonsense and is not football related.  And then when you tell them about it they edit out your comments.  I guess it makes them look bad so they delete my comments.  I hope that we could have a football blog, but mostly we have a ‘facebook’ blog because of the leadership that is our editors. They are a joke. Enjoy your facebook blog, everyone.  I know you all like it.

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09/08/2023 6:40 pm

You’re way out of line, Zulu.

09/08/2023 6:18 pm

also you routinely delete stuff you post, so there’s that

09/08/2023 5:36 pm

So write some articles, problem solved.

09/07/2023 4:52 pm

Get your bitch ass out of here, you keep saying your leaving so please work on your follow up skills…
Believe you need some help, what your doing is not normal for an adult, so please take the time and call someone. I was your biggest supporter but no more, all you do is bring this place down. So if your leaving please go, if not shut the fuck up .

Your friend: Rip

09/07/2023 2:13 pm

For the record, I do not have the ability to edit someone else’s post. I also know that no one you mentioned edited your posts.
We are not “editors”, we only supply the posts for others to respond to.
You are not happy here. You are free to leave.

09/07/2023 2:05 pm

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