NFL Quarterback Rankings

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If one looks at the history of the Super Bowl as well as last Sunday, franchise quarterbacks win Super Bowls.  It is the rare exception when the lesser quarterback is victorious.  That said, let us take an early look at what we could expect from next year.

  1. Patrick Mahomes – He is young and, perhaps, the most dynamic passer that the NFL has ever seen.  He is an MVP, Super Bowl Champ, and Super Bowl MVP.  Mahomes is the new GOAT.
  2. Russell Wilson – He might be the only other quarterback who could have lead the Chiefs to victory last Sunday.  Still in the middle of his prime, Wilson is the Seattle offense.

There is a big drop off to get to these next quarterbacks –

3. Aaron Rodgers – He can still make some nice throws and will surely pad his stats but he looked like a defeated quarterback against the Niners early in the game.  Has he hit the wall on the days where he could singlehandedly win a game for his team?

4. Tom Brady – Yes, I know that he is 42 years old but, if Brady was quarterback for the Niners, would he have completed enough 4th quarter passes to ruin our comeback.  He is savvy enough to help a team win a Super Bowl as long as he does not have to be the best player on the field.

5. Drew Brees – Yes, I know he is 40 years old but Brees can do everything except throw deep and the Saints have a small window left with a formidable offense – Kamara and Thomas.  They need to go all in next year and add more weapons.

These next quarterbacks could be risers as the above three will inevitably drop at some point.

6. Deshaun Watson – His biggest weakness is BOB.  He can make some good plays and has had some really good games.  There are some times where he does look rather mediocre as well.  He might end up being the perennial bridesmaid to Patrick Mahomes’ bride for the next decade.

7. Lamar Jackson – He is this high because his running ability is extreme.  He should be lower because his passing sucks, except to his tight ends.  He is this high because there is hope for the future since his passing ability greatly improved this season.  He should be lower because he looked rattled in two straight playoff games.  Is a great player when everything is clicking but not the quarterback you want when things are getting tough.  Is he mentally tough enough to win the big game?

Not sure about these next two –

8. Big Ben – Looked bad before shutting down his season – Was it the elbow or father time?  He could make some noise next year as Steelers have a good defense and, if they get an influx of offensive talent, Big Ben could be the complement that leads them to some victories.  Could cement his legacy if he wins one without the ass hat AB and show me the money Leveon Bell.

9. Carson Wentz – Lots of questions – injuries and leadership come to mind.  Did lead Philly to the playoffs with practice squad skill players.  Would not surprise me if he fades away in two years and would not surprise me if he leads Philly to another Super Bowl either.

Here are two that are good but not great

10) Matt Ryan and 11) Matthew Stafford – They can put up some stats and have good moments but neither seem to have the it factor when it comes to winning the big game.  You might mention Ryan getting to the Super Bowl but I would point out the 4th quarter of that game.  Stafford might be something if he can get out of Detroit to a decent team.  Imagine Stafford in New England.

My wild card entries –

12) Josh Allen – I will give him one thing – the kid has some heart.  His throws can be beautiful or can be god awful.  IF he can improve his deficiencies (and he is a young kid), I think that he could become a real leader for the Bills.  The Bills need to hire Alex Smith as quarterbacks coach to give him a chance to succeed.

13) Jameis Winston – He can get the ball in the end zone – for both teams.  Alex Smith to the rescue again.  He can be dynamic so you do not want to give up on him.  He can kill your team with bad throws so you want to give up on him.  Bucs could have been a playoff team if he cuts his interceptions by only ten.  Too much talent – not enough discipline.

14) Kyler Murray – Did better than I thought he would on a bad Arizona team.  Still think he is too small to last a long time in the NFL but I have been wrong before (insert ex-wife story here).  He might be doomed if Arizona does not improve overall but could provide us with some fun highlights.

15) Andy Dalton – I know that I will be roasted for this pick – Andy has spent his career in Cincy so that is pretty much a pass for him.  He was never a great quarterback but never a bad quarterback either.  He was surrounded by knuckleheads in the Marvin Lewis era and how can you blame him for the lack of success in Cincy now?  With the right team, Andy, who is only 32, could have a comeback player of the year type of success.  How good could the Colts be if he became their starter?

Category – I might have a good game or good stats but do not pretend I am a good NFL quarterback.

  1. Jared Goff
  2. Derek Carr
  3. Jimmy G
  4. Kirk Cousins
  5. Ryan Tannehill
  6. Cam Newton
  7. Teddy Bridgewater
  8. Marcus Mariota

Category – My career is done even though I might still be playing.

  1. Phillip Rivers
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  3. Joe Flacco
  4. Case Keenum

Category – I have a lot to prove to avoid being removed as a starter in the next few years.

  1. Kyle Allen
  2. Gardner Minshew
  3. Daniel Jones
  4. Jacoby Brissett
  5. Sam Darnold
  6. Mason Rudolph
  7. Dwayne Haskins
  8. Drew Lock

AND the bottom three

Dak Prescott – Yes, I know he has the stats but, let us be honest – Dak has seriously underperformed on a Dallas team with a good offensive line and a great running back.  Maybe, I am overreacting by putting him this low but I have not seen a convincing signature win from him.  Jason Garrett was a major problem but not sure if McCarthy will get much better results.

Baker Mayfield – All hype and all ego does not a good quarterback make.  The new Cleveland coach and their analytics department will have some major work to do to avoid a fiasco this year.  As we know, the old saying is that the Raiders are going to Raider – well, Baker is going to Baker.  Do not care how much talent they have – Baker will find a way to mess it up.

Mitch Trubisky – one read Mitch will be gone as soon as Nagy is shown the door.  Nagy needs to take a lesson from Baltimore and design his entire offense around what Trubisky does best.  The people of Chicago will spend the next decade and a half remembering that they could have drafted Mahomes but chose Trubisky instead.  I just do not see any improvement from Trubisky whatsoever.  He is a bust.

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02/11/2020 12:08 pm

Taysom Hill … could be a VERY dangerous QB if he gets a chance

and he will … somewhere

02/07/2020 4:57 pm

I just realized…. they are going to have to re-shoot that Head & Shoulders commercial so after Troy says “Super Bowl Champion (twice)”, Patrick can come back with “Super Bowl Champion AND MVP”.
It’s really nice to have these kind of things to worry about.

02/06/2020 9:02 pm

I won’t argue about Bridgewater, but I think being mentored by Smith just might help him get his head around the position. Not like he lacks the physical tools, so learning to read Ds better and make better decisions…

Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
02/10/2020 3:08 pm

If Bridgewater goes to NE, I’ll be a little nervous.

02/06/2020 9:11 am

Re your # 12: Bills look to be on an upward trajectory, if Allen can steady up and progress this should continue. HC and GM decision-making also a factor.

02/06/2020 6:25 am

1. MVPat
2-32. someone else not named MVPat

02/05/2020 9:59 pm

I’m not confident in anyone after the top 2. Then next 3 should be really good, but they’re all really old and have disappointed big time lately. Everyone else after that is extremely “meh” to terrible.

I hate to say it, but Dak might be close to a top 5 QB.

02/05/2020 2:03 pm

The only disagreement I have with this list is Patrick Mahomes. Sure he’s fun to watch, but without Andy he’s average at best. Should be around 13-19.

Reply to  EAFOX
02/10/2020 3:13 pm

And don’t forget his ability to help his defense. That cannot be emphasized enough.

Reply to  Leaf
02/07/2020 5:29 pm

We, of course, have no way to know that. Perhaps he elevates a mediocre HC or OC. Maybe he carries a team with that handicap even more than he does the Chiefs. It’s like BB & Brady. Who enhances whom? As of now, there’s no way to know for certain.

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