Morning Huddle – Tuesday

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for June 11, 2024

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Good morning AG!



Today in Chiefs history:  Joe Montana born in 1956
Today in Other history: 
1947 Perennial Christmas film “Miracle on 34th St” starring John Payne and Maureen O’Hara, directed by George Seaton is released
1933 Gene Wilder, American actor, (Blazing Saddles; Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; Silver Streak; Young Frankenstein), born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1913 Vince Lombardi, American Pro Football Hall of Fame coach (Green Bay Packers 1959-67; NFL Coach of the Year 1959, 61; Super Bowl I, II), born in Brooklyn, New York

1910 Jacques Cousteau, French oceanic explorer (Calypso), born in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, Gironde, France

1898 1st US Marines (600) land at Guantanamo, Cuba during the Spanish–American War
1742 Benjamin Franklin invents his Franklin stove




And now, the news you’ve been waiting for …




Jon Hamm teases Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII ring ceremony in new video | KMBC 9 News

The Kansas City Chiefs are teasing the unveiling of their Super Bowl LVIII Championship rings later this week.

Award-winning actor and Missouri native Jon Hamm had the honor of revealing that the Chiefs will host their Super Bowl ring ceremony later this week.




Detroit Lions sign LB Ben Niemann, waive rookie Steele Chambers | Detroit Free Press via Yahoo Sports

The Detroit Lions added more experience to their linebacker room Monday, signing veteran Ben Niemann and waiving undrafted rookie Steele Chambers.




Former Chiefs Cornerback Steven Nelson Announces Retirement | Sports Illustrated

Former Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Steven Nelson has announced his retirement from the NFL, stepping away from the game at the age of 31.




NFL Best Offseason Move Rankings: Chiefs Get Positive Mark for Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown Signing | Sports Illustrated

The Kansas City Chiefs’ splashiest free agent addition this offseason came when they signed wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown to a one-year contract to bolster their group of pass-catchers after an up-and-down 2023 season for KC’s wideouts. In a recent ranking of the NFL’s top offseason additions, the Chiefs and Brown earned praise as a positive pairing.




Unexpected Players Overtake Patrick Mahomes In NFL Jersey Sales | Athlon Sports

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes may have won his second straight (third overall) Super Bowl title in 2023-24, but that still didn’t make him the most popular when it comes to jersey and merchandise sales.




86 Days …




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06/11/2024 10:30 am

A pretty cool visual at just how good we’ve been since that Mahomes guy came to town

A Visualization of KC’s Domination Since Patrick Mahomes Took Over
byu/The_Techsan inKansasCityChiefs

15 teams have not beaten us
1 team has a winning record against us
We have fewer losses in 6 years than the NFL has teams

Last edited 9 days ago by NovaChiefs
Reply to  NovaChiefs
06/11/2024 10:32 am

An easier to read version of the same graphic

comment image%3Fwidth%3D2500%26format%3Dpng%26auto%3Dwebp%26s%3Dc193f004c2692d946cc9c96070baf666d71f4290

Or maybe not. In the comments is a cleaned up version of this

Last edited 9 days ago by NovaChiefs
Reply to  upamtn
06/11/2024 11:25 am

Ain’t that so Purrty?
I’m not clear what the big gray area is exactly.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
06/11/2024 6:01 pm

It represents the hopes and dreams of 31 teams.

Reply to  upamtn
06/11/2024 10:10 am

You can still fix it

Reply to  upamtn
06/11/2024 10:15 am

Are you saying you are a closet Bronco fan and went to see their workouts?

Reply to  upamtn
06/11/2024 2:16 pm

tip of the helmet. Just for a second just to see how it feels.

Reply to  upamtn
06/11/2024 12:55 pm

No Worries, UPs! I (like so many others), really appreciate all the work that all of you do putting together the MH. All the little tidbits help us keep in touch, and something to spend our time as these excruciating lulls in any news or stories of our beloved Chiefs tick along at a snail’s pace.
HOLY SHIT. I just reread what I typed and that was painful, and I’m the one who typed it. My sincere apologies to anyone who wasted a few minutes on the drivel that apparently came out of my keyboard!! Time for a drink and a nap!

Reply to  63gump
06/11/2024 1:13 pm

no kidding. made me realize I picked the wrong day to quit drinking!

Reply to  hoosierchief
06/11/2024 2:51 pm

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Reply to  63gump
06/11/2024 1:39 pm

Will you get a grip! Old people man! 😉

06/11/2024 7:39 am


Reply to  Warpath
06/11/2024 8:39 am

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06/11/2024 6:35 am

Mandatory mini camp starts today 👏 👏 👏


06/11/2024 6:32 am

Nice title…😂 .. happy not Monday!!

Team Player
06/11/2024 6:31 am

Clone rights! Clone rights! Clone rights!!!

Reply to  Team Player
06/11/2024 6:48 am

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Reply to  rip58
06/11/2024 8:40 am

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