“Man Time” Monday

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Arrowhead Guys weekly post dedicated to the ways we enjoy our free time.

Of all people to completely overlook a prime innuendo, “Me Time” Mondays was ripe for the picking. So back to “Man Time” it is. Obviously this has nothing to do with being exclusive to men, it just happens to be phonetically pleasing. If anyone is offended, please remember the URL you typed to get here.

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AG Needs You!

Look, there’s only so many things I can write about that I used to enjoy doing before this website. I’m guessing our readership has some amazingly interesting hobbies that fellow members would enjoy hearing about. If you have an interesting hobby let me know, we want to share your story.

Welcome to the 2021 Man Time Monday series, where we all go back to work and reminisce about the previous season. I wanted to reiterate that call for contributions, and they needn’t be all that long or involved. I know we have some pit masters and gearheads around here, and surely even more of y’all have hobbies you’d like to talk about. Don’t worry about how many might like what you do, it’s almost inevitable someone else will, and they might even drop you a comment.

Why You So Busy, Tony?

The big boss man has his hands full with life, so you’re down to me. Life and family come first around these here parts, pardner.

The BRaG Bonus:

I can’t exactly call paper airplanes a hobby, but back in the dawn of time when I was young, they interested me. Then I got my hands on the Great Paper Airplane Book, something I checked out from the bookmobile several times. Our lead entry is much more modern, and thus more sophisticated, but learning those older designs still netted me an A in a public speaking course I took as an adult. The rest I’ll discuss below.

The first few videos I’m just recycling from last year, since it’s been a long time passed now.

Does anyone here have hobbies they like? If so, discuss them in the comments, or whatever else comes to mind. Consider this your Monday mini-open-thread. Cheers!

Or, if you have a hobby that you’d like to see included here, email me at the link described in my bio. One final thing is that if folks do share their pastimes, I’m going to take a dim view of negative criticism of that person or their hobby. This won’t be that sort of OT on my watch, since all it will serve to do is make it less likely anyone else will contribute.

What hobby did you spend time on this weekend?

Violet #2

A few words on these: Perhaps the wild strawberry is merely feral, and the fleabane is obviously past its prime. However, the barren strawberry’s legit wild, and since MN’s at the far northeastern edge of its range, the state has it listed as a “Special concern”, so I view moving it from a mowed lawn to a sheltered place as an upgrade. As for the violets, I can’t identify the variety, but like all the rest they were relocated from the lawn. The ultimate aim is for each one to spread on its own, forming a self-sustaining wildflower bed over the course of time. Winter’s impact’s still an unknown, though, so I’ll know more in the spring.

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02/22/2021 5:27 pm

Spent my weekend working on Arabic stuff. As George Harrison wrote for Ringo Starr: “you know it don’t come easy.”

02/22/2021 4:50 pm

Nice flower! We have some blooming right now that look identical.

Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
02/22/2021 7:07 pm

that “community project” that I’m working on is coming out rather nicely, I think

02/22/2021 4:13 pm
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