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How well do you know the Kansas City Chiefs?

The answer key is below but hope you take the quiz without looking and no googling allowed.  May you travel thru the seventh circle of hell – located deep within my ex-wife – if you pretend to know more than you really do.


1 – Which Chiefs linebacker was the first pick in the inaugural draft in 1961?

A: Bobby Bell. B:  E J Holub. C: Willie Lanier. D: Derrick Thomas.

2 – Which team did the Dallas Texans defeat to win their first AFL Championship in 1962?

A: Bills. B: Chargers. C: Oilers. D: Raiders.

3 – Who was the Chiefs leading receiver in the sixties?

A: Amos Otis. B: Otis Birdsong. C: Otis Campbell.  D: Otis Taylor.


4 – Which quarterback became the Chiefs starter in 1979?

A: Todd Blackledge. B: Len Dawson. C: Steve Fuller. D: Bill Kenney.

5 – Who was the last of the Chiefs sixties HOFers to retire in the seventies?

A: Bobby Bell. B: Buck Buchanon. C: Willlie Lanier. D: Emmitt Thomas.

6 – Which Chiefs HOFer started the entire decade on the offensive line?

A: Ed Budde. B: Tom Condon. C: Jack Rudnay.  D: Andrew Wylie.


7 – In their only playoff appearance of the decade, which team did the Chiefs lose to in 1986?

A: Bills. B: Dolphins. C: Jets. D: Patriots.

8 – Which secondary member was the only three time approximate value leader in the decade?

A: Gary Barbaro. B: Deron Cherry. C: Gary Green. D: James Hasty.

9 – (Trick) Who was the leading Chiefs receiver in the eighties?  Only the eighties!!!

A: Carlos Carson. B: Henry Marshall. C: Stephone Paige. D: J T Smith.


10 – Counting Rich Gannon, How many starting quarterbacks did Marty have in KC?

A: 4. B: 6. C: 8.  D: 10.

11 – In a legendary accident, LB and first round pick Percy Snow was injured in which vehicle?

A: Bicycle. B: Motorcycle. C: Scooter. D: Tricycle.

12 – Which team was the famous Monday Night Meltdown against?

A: Broncos. B: Chargers. C: Raiders. D: Seahawks.


13 – Who was the only non-Tony Gonzalez person to be the leading receiver under Dick Vermeil?

A: Derrick Alexander. B: Eddie Kennison. C: Scoop Minnis. D: Johnnie Morton.

14 – How many years did Roaf, Waters, Wiegmann, Shields, and Tait play together?

A: 1. B: 2. C: 3. D: 4.

15 – Who was benched by Todd Haley for poor play on defense?

A: Tamba Hali. B: Tyson Jackson. C: Derrick Johnson. D: Mike Vrabel.


16 – Who famously refused to name the Chiefs emergency quarterback?

A: Matt Cassel. B: Romeo Crennel. C: Brady Quinn. D: Andy Reid.

17 – Which player has led the team in reception yards for the most seasons in this decade?

A: Mecole Hardman. B: Tyreek Hill. C: Travis Kelce. D: DeMarcus Robinson.

18 – Which position on the offensive line has Andy Reid had a new starter for every single year?

A: RT. B: RG. C: C. D: LG.


19 – What play was famously suggested by Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl?

A: Bee. B: Hornet. C: Wasp. D: Yellow Jacket.


15-18. You are a Mahomie!!!

12-14. With practice, you will be like Kelce and Hill.

9-11.  Like our offensive line, you need more playing time.

6-8.  You are the AG Okafor.

1-5. I hope Hardman drops your balls.

0 – You have a Derek Carr Mangina!!!


Hope you did not cheat.
1 – B. 2 – C. 3 – D. 4 – C. 5 – D. 6 – C. 7 – C. 8 – B. 9 – A.  10 – B. 11 – C. 12 – A. 13 – B. 14 – B. 15 – C. 16 – B. 17 – C. 18 – D. 19 – C.

Hope you did well and enjoyed the quiz.










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09/30/2021 3:17 pm

Good quiz, but it sure didn’t help my GPA!

09/26/2021 9:19 am

got some, missed some … VERY cool and thank you!

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