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The Kansas City Chiefs have six draft picks and are projected to have one compensatory pick for the 2020 NFL draft.  People have started to post their thoughts about which position we need to target, mainly due to the recent struggles of the team.  Unfortunately, our needs outnumber our picks but, unless Veach trades the picks as he so likes to do, we are in good position to gain at least three capable players who can make an immediate impact.  We have a first, second, third, two fourth, and a fifth round pick and the comp pick is projected to be a fourth or a fifth.

Here is a breakdown in order of need.

  1. A three down linebacker – At best, our linebackers are below average and not consistent in either run or pass defense.
  2. A pass rusher – Clark appears to be getting better and Jones is a beast but we have no reliable third pass rusher.
  3. A starting running back – Our committee of Williams, Shady, and Williams has under performed this year, keeping our offense one dimensional.
  4. A corner – Even if we keep one of our departing corners, the numbers show that we need to add some quality depth.
  5. An interior lineman – At full strength, we have, at best, an average line on the inside which has contributed to our poor running attack this year.
  6. A second TE – Without Kelce, we have nothing here and an untimely injury would hamper and possibly shut down our offense.
  7. A fast receiver – Watkins and DRob have been no shows for most of the year and might be gone as we hit free agency.
  8. A back up tackle – Cam Erving has made people appreciate Eric Fisher which is a feat that no other man has been able to achieve.
  9. Another linebacker – The state of our linebacker corps is such that we need more than one new linebacker to add to the mix.
  10. Another corner – We do not need to start next season one injury away from having our next Orlando Scandrick addition to the team.
  11. A safety – I am thinking about a Dirty Dan replacement that would be cheaper and able to cover the opponent for a little while.
  12. A quarterback – We need to find a  young talent that we can develop and trade in the future for a high draft pick.

Free agency will take care of some of these needs but we will not have much money to spend after Mahomes signs the 200 million contract that we will inevitably offer as well as placing the franchise tag on Chris Jones if we are unable to come to an agreement beforehand.  Hopefully, we hit on a few undrafted players to fill in some of these needs.

Finally, people will ask about the run stopping defensive tackle we so desperately need.  I would hate to waste draft capital on another run stopping defensive tackle unless they look like a perennial Pro Bowl caliber player.  I think we have one in Pennel if we play him more and Nnadi has made some plays when not being manhandled, and Saunders has the potential to grow into the job, and Speaks will be coming back (ironic pause here) to show that Veach knew what he was doing, and surely we can find a defensive tackle in free agency that will not cost much or Justin Hamilton can return or the injured Xavier Williams will return with a career year or we could talk the Fridge out of retirement.

What are your thoughts about what we need given our limited draft resources?



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12/09/2019 12:29 pm

tag CJ, can they dump Watkins? re-sign DRob … too many needs, not enough picks = rut roh

also …

… surely we can find a defensive tackle in free agency that will not cost much or …

… DON’T call me Shirley!

12/08/2019 11:47 pm

I think we need to trade down a bunch.

Here are some guys I’m intrigued by.
Mid-rounds – RB JK Dobbins; TE Grant Calcaterra; ILB Jacob Philips; RB Zack Moss; RB Najee Harris; OG Solomon Kindley; CB Lavert Hill

11/30/2019 10:36 am

Crazy how some teams enter the draft with what seems like a million picks, and we enter every year with around 5-9. I am probably suffering from recency bias, but I do not remember the last year we had double digit draft picks.

11/30/2019 8:30 am

For an RB i’ld like to see a battering ram kind of guy who could deliver some punishment while running.
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Reply to  vvet818
12/02/2019 12:29 pm

Oh Jesus, that matador guy is ground chuck! While I like the idea of having an Okoye/Earl Campbell clone, I’ll leave it up to the deep thinkers to figure out the RB pick. IMHO LB and OL are the priority positions for the draft.

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