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This thought comes to me after watching the sad performances our Chiefs have given us this year: Has the organization become so  dependent on the idea that no matter how bad the team plays, Mahomes can and will bail them out in the end?

We can all point a finger at the short-coming that irritates us at the moment: bad (fill in the blank): coaching, play calling, clock management, execution, tackling, o-line, d-line, special teams, decision making by any and all, injuries, refs, stupid rules, lack of talent, the schedule, Roger Goodell, and on and on and on, BUT don’t worry, somehow Mahomes will get it done.

Has this thought silently entered everyone’s subconscious causing them to be a little less thorough in how they prepare and perform? I don’t know and I’m not qualified to analyze this any further than to just ask the question.

We all knew that sooner or later a strategy would be figured out on how to beat us and now that it’s here what do we do? Not being knowledgeable enough, I can’t answer this and only hope that the brain trust at Arrowhead Drive can and does quickly. On a personal note, I don’t know how much BHQV I can drink this year if they can’t figure it out!


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