Into The Afternight: Our 3rd Shift O/T

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If you’re still up and want to talk Chiefs, or just hang with fellow citizens of the Kingdom, this is the place.


I haven’t read the site today. At all. I didn’t want to read the derision sure to come with today’s feature, since folks were so vehement that the DNC can do no evil, and not really going to do what they say they’ll do. I’ll do my job, but I won’t stick around for abuse masquerading as actual debate. Those who’ve dismissed my points against the Left are no better than Saints, when I was making points against the Right. He couldn’t prove me wrong about NYPD’s unconstitutional Stop and Frisk (minorities) policy, and now, when I defend the 2nd A instead of the 4th, I’m the bad guy for doing so. Bah. Same approach, different Party support. Meet the new boss…

With that, time’s yours.

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