Into The Afternight: Our 3rd Shift O/T

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If you’re still up and want to talk Chiefs, or just hang with fellow citizens of the Kingdom, this is the place.

Science tonight, because. Hope y’all enjoy, those who check in.

And of course the comments will probably include a few of the usual grab-bag items. One thing you can say about the afternight is that you never know what will pop out of dark corners for you to see. Anyone else?

With that, time’s yours.

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Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
07/29/2020 2:03 am

MY favorite pic? wow, BRAG, I’m honored! ummmmmmm … which one is it again?

EDITOR’S NOTE: yes, T. Rex had lips AND could sing … we have video

Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
07/29/2020 2:25 am

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … yeah it has (insert sad face here)

you DO realize that I use it as a “rec” as in “four thumbs up” or “great job” or whatever, yes? yes …

… and all that said, have a wreck, my friend! (I’m off to Crash n Burn Land … have radio show at 8 AM Kansas City time, and I’m in Denver)

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Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
07/29/2020 2:27 am

PS – I Love Science!

read about the fish the other day 🙂

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