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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Editor’s Note: be advised that the author of this fanpost has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about, but hopefully a small bit of it will “make sense” to at least a few readers (and no, it’s not a Morning Huddle)


So, we’re through three rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft and the Chiefs have a few shiny, new toys to play with:  DL, WR and OT.  Veach is doing it right by not only filling current needs (Felix) but working to fill future needs (Rice and Morris) with draft picks, and while not all of them will be “stars” and not all of them will even stick around and play much less start (as of now we have no clue), the seeds of the future are being planted even as this is being typed out (Morris is big, gonna need a lot of Gatorade to make sure he grows properly).   A few years ago we got CEH (in the first round, no less) and for whatever reason (lack of on-field vision?  mis-use by the coaching staff?  simply “not quick enough” for the NFL?) he wasn’t the All-Star Next Coming of Priest Holmes or Jamaal Charles, and so it goes:  he’s done far better for KC than oh, let’s say Jon Baldwin or Todd Blackledge (sorry to bring up such stark memories) … you pays your nickel and you takes your chances, do your due diligence and hope for the best.

The Chiefs, like every other team, do just that, and lately they’ve done it better than any other team in the league (and that’s a very, very good thing).  As many have noted:  Veach is playing 3-D Chess while most other GMs are playing Checkers (and badly at that:  thank you, Denver!) and that edge, that Moneyball mentality makes all the difference in the world. 

Joe Thuney is awesome, but Joe Thuney’s not getting any younger and will need a replacement in due time (hopefully later rather than sooner, but still) and the team will need a reliable guy to step in when it’s time (next man up and all that) … Chris Jones as well, while not “old” he’s also going to (someday) be replaced by … well, someone.  And that’s just the thing:  keep getting the best prospects possible, coach ’em up and keep your fingers crossed.  That’s all anyone can reasonably do. 

OT?  Morris may not step in immediately, but who knows if Niang will play (and if so, will he stay healthy?) and a bigger question “what about Kinnard?” (a question with no currently known answer) … or Prince, another question mark at that position (questions, questions!  danger Will Robinson!!!) so grabbing Morris is indeed a “solid pick” (at least on the surface).  Same with Rice at WR … sure, there’s MVS, and Toney, Moore, Ross (coming back from injury) and others, but MVS won’t be around much longer, Hardman is gone as is Juju.  Who steps up to start making the plays as the “go to” guy?  Who knows, but the team has options and someone will be “that guy” of the future, and again, that’s all one can ask. 

Keep churning the roster from the bottom up (other than the very top picks who SHOULD be starters) and give the “new guys” time and training and coaching and words of wisdom from team mentors:  the cream WILL rise to the top (of course, leave cream out for too long it goes sour, so there’s that) … keep ’em young and, as much as possible, on the cheap.  Always build through the draft as much and whenever possible, starters or backups makes no difference, the best will eventually BE the best (while others fall along the way).

What’s in store for the remaining KC draft picks?  Who knows (we most certainly have no clue, since Veach hasn’t yet shared that sensitive, classified information with us, and won’t until the selections are announced), but my guess is he’ll “double up” on a couple of positions and absolutely get BPA for the rest of the picks along the way.  Some will “make it” and some will be “Special Teams” heroes, a few will be cut before opening kickoff in September (perhaps traded for future picks?  Wouldn’t be at all shocked) while a select few others brought in as UDFA’s, not to mention the occasional “cut by other teams” players, marginal perhaps but if even one turns into a starter or part-time reliable player, it’s a win-win for both the player and the team.

So far, so good … should be a fun ride for the last of the 2023 Draft, even if none of us have a clue who the picks are (even after KC drafts them).  Then training camp, endless speculation on just about everyone in camp (90 guys, right then!) followed by “late cutdowns” (when some of us will be crying about this or that player being released).  Don’t.  Veach and his crew know far better than any of us about all these prospects. 

Me?  I’m hoping for the Chiefs to pick last again next year 🙂

Trust Veach and trust “the process” (H/T- BRaG)

Well, except the CEH thing, but hey:  everyone’s allowed ONE mistake (ain’t that right, Fox!)

As always:  Geaux Chiefs!

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