Chiefs Rooting Rankings: Week 6

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Arrowhead Guys tells you who to root for this week!



  1. The rankings and interests are based solely on which outcomes benefit the Chiefs the most. So while some may root for the Steelers to beat the Raiders because we hate the Raiders, from the Chiefs’ perspective it’s best for the Raiders to win and make it easier for the Chiefs to get the top seed.
  2. NFC vs. NFC matchups won’t be ranked. The only way they impact the Chiefs is if we get down to the 4th tiebreaker for playoff seeding (meaning head-to-head, win-loss record in conference games, and win-loss record in common games are all tied), in which case they factor into strength of victory and strength of schedule. Not only is this unlikely to be relevant, but even if it is we already know to root for NFC South teams (since that’s who we play this year).
  3. The Chiefs game won’t be ranked because, duh, we root for the Chiefs to win and it will always be our most important game.
  4. Once a team is 3 or more games back of the Chiefs they’re no longer considered a threat, so they won’t be listed.


1: Texans over Titans

The Titans are 4-0, which makes them an obvious contender for the top seed. The Texans are 1-4, which makes them an obvious contender for the top pick in next year’s draft.

2: Browns over Steelers

The Steelers are a bigger threat than the Titans, but they’re lower because the Browns have climbed back to 4-1 after a poor performance in week 1.

3: Eagles over Ravens
4: Bengals over Colts
5: Broncos over Patriots

A big jump down in concern here. The Ravens are the biggest concern, but we have the tiebreaker over them. We also have the tiebreaker over the Patriots, while the Colts are a solid game back and unlikely to stay close as the season goes on.

6: Jets over Dolphins

The Dolphins managed to be only 2 games back this week, so I have to follow my own rules and include them. On another note, as is  the long-standing tradition (all of one year) this article will slowly morph into playoff standings as the playoff picture takes shape. I feel this week is still a bit too early, but after we play the Bills things will start to come into focus so next week will likely begin that metamorphosis. Hopefully it’ll be one where the Chiefs reclaim the top spot in the standings.





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