Chiefs’ poems – Training Camp Haikus

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“Training Camp Haikus”

(Chiefs’ poems continuing the proud tradition) – 2022 NFL offseason


With all the stories coming out of camp, we need a way to cover the gamut.  In addition, the ancient Japanese poetic form of haiku is underused when writing about sports players.  Therefore, my contribution this week is a collection of shorter Chiefs’ related haiku poems that cover a lot of the headlines this past week.  This continues the proud tradition begun last year.


(Haiku = 3 lines, 5 syllables on 1st, 7 syllables on 2nd, 5 syllables on 3rd)  5-7-5


Tyreek’s Tirades

Tyreek to the ‘Fins,
Slammed Mahomes on his podcasts.
But Pat was all class.

Short Orlando Brown Hold-out

The tackle wants bucks.
Finally signed franchise tag.
Came back when Pat limped.

That Undrafted Rookie Might Have Something

Justin Watson jumps.
Once injured, playing well now.
Might be a Toub guy.

Hello New Diet

Frank gave up the booze.
Knows he has let the team down,
Senses a cap hit.

How We Almost Lost Our Season

Pat was gimpy, ‘cause
A lineman stepped on his foot!
Chiefs dodged bullets.  Phew!

Throw it to the Linebacker!

Willie Gay wants picks.
Can he be the best LB
At intercepting?

Rookies on the Rise

Skyy is getting looks.
Karlaftis rushes with pow’r!
All this class could help.

Wide Receivers that make the Team

There’s Mecole, Juju,
MVS, Skyy, and two more?
Going to be tight.

Carlos Dunlap

We liked him for years.
Now he finally plays here.
Does he have gas left?

Draft Steal

That 7th-round RB
Pacheko, strong and speedy.
Could be the new Hunt.

Shout-out to Otis Taylor

After long decades,
Otis Taylor’s closer to
Being in the Hall.

Running Backs in the Running

Clyde had the job, but
Now Rojo, Gore, Jet, and two
Rooks are in the mix.

Patrick Mahomes is Still Awesome

Not that you forgot,
But Pat is still the greatest
By ev’ry standard.

Young Secondary

A lot of youth here.
Sneed and Fenton are some of
The old guys right now!

Competition for Right Tackle

Niang or Wiley?
Maybe Darrian Kinnard?
The line is not set.

Is this Tershawn Warton’s Year

Could Turk dominate
And show the league his greatness
Being a starter?

Cringe-worthy Helmet Debut

I like players safe.
Concussions are no joke, but
These helmets are weird.

Go Vitaliy Go (#76, signed after rookie camp)

Toledo rookie
Guard pulls, seals, kicks out and blocks.
Now follows my tweets.

Andy Reid Generic Training Camp Press Conference

“Guys are working hard.”
“Injuries – We’re still ok.”
“He had a good day.”


If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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08/05/2022 9:01 am

Well done. Haikus aren’t easy to make sense of and stay in format
Clever trick to make Patrick’s work

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These are awesome. Great stuff, as per usual!

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