Chiefs’ poem – “Who Will Advance?” – 2023 NFL Playoffs, Wildcard Weekend, KC 1st seed bye

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“Who Will Advance?”

A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong- 2023 NFL Wildcard Weekend, KC 1st seed bye

“Who Will Advance?”

The regular season was just the beginning.
With lesser competition, it’s easy to be winning,
Though nothing’s ever easy in a league with the cream of the crop.
But now that it’s playoffs, it’s a whole ‘nother beast,
‘Cause one loss and you’re out, the strength has increased,
And only the best survives, rising to the top.

The wildcard weekend can bring some surprises.
Sometimes all are shocked who the next round comprises.
But other times the teams are just who you thought they would be.
The matchups are set, but there’s one thing we know.
No matter who this weekend puts on a show,
The Chiefs get to rest due to regular season victory.

The Chiefs have a bye for this first playoff round.
While this week contenders have to hold their ground,
The Chiefs have the edge, getting one week off when it counts.
And next week, the Kingdom will converge at KC
To Arrowhead.  You know how loud it will be,
When whoever comes in that the Chiefs are gonna wanna trounce.

The fans may complain who wear Bengals stripes,
The Bills Mafia can air out their gripes,
But Chiefs won the top seed fair, and that’s how it goes.
So while their fans moan at how they suffer,
The Chiefs’ week off gives our team a buffer.
We’ll see who advances and who will fall to their foes.

Who will advance?  We all have our guesses.
Whoever it is must overcome stresses,
And play to their utmost, taking their game to the top.
Bengals or Ravens, Bills or the ‘Fins,
Chargers or Jags, three of these wins,
And one comes to KC next week that the Chiefs must stop.

But we’re in good standing, ‘cause the Chiefs get a break.
They’ll watch while these six have beatings to take,
And we’ll come back healthy and ready to play hands down.
We don’t know yet who will win wildcards,
And which teams will score and gain all the yards,
But KC will be primed next week when they come around.

The Chiefs get to rest.  The others must play.
At least three will end their season that day.
Chiefs have no concerns about their fate.
Our team will be ready, prepped up to fight.
And whether we play at daytime or night,
We know playoffs Chiefs will be hungry.  ‘Til then, we wait. 

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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