Chiefs’ poem – “Sink the Vikings” – 2023 NFL wk. 5, KC at MIN

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“Sink the Vikings”

(A Chiefs’ poem – 2023 NFL regular season wk. 5 – KC at MIN)


“Sink the Vikings”

Traveling up to the NFC north,
Chiefs are ready and they’re gonna go forth
To take Minnesota down for a cross-conference game.
Now Vikes have pass catchers that are tough.
Chiefs will have to do just enough
To slow down Jefferson and Hock, and score just the same.

Never forget about desperate teams
How they play with nothing to lose, it seems,
And can bring terrible surprises to any match.
Vikings may have lost three, true,
But don’t be fooled, this team can do
Amazing feats, ball out, and scrape, claw, and scratch.

Vikings’ defense is in neutral.
Pat Mahomes could be all brutal,
He could blow them up like he was out for war.
KC’s receivers could all shine,
Pacheko can make turns on a dime,
KC might play like they did back in Super Bowl IV.

Get McKinnon some snaps and see
He can help lead to victory
As he catches the ball and dodges defenders sure.
Or runs by the tackles, gaining yards
As he nods to the center and the guards
And moves the chains or scores, with the ball secured.

Chiefs have a new lucky charm in hand.
They’ve won each time she’s been in the stands.
Taylor Swift, if you’re hearing, then thanks a bunch.
Kelce likes that you see him play
As he makes awesome plays every day.
He should go and take you out somewhere for a nice lunch.

All in all, Chiefs can get the job done
Not gonna say this is already won,
But we have good momentum to sink this Viking ship.
Pat Mahomes can’t be stopped, and that’s a fact.
Minnesota knows how much they lack.
Chiefs will play hard in this Super Bowl IV rematch trip.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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10/06/2023 2:01 pm

I got chills reading this one. Fantastic, fantastic stuff, as usual!

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