Chiefs’ poem – “Revenge is Sweet” – 2021 NFL Week 15, KC 34 at LAC / formerly SD 28, OT

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“Revenge is Sweet”

(A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong) – 2021 NFL Week 15, KC 34 at LAC / formerly SD 28 OT



“Revenge is Sweet”

Revenge is sweet.  That’s what they say.
Especially if it comes like the Chiefs played.
Against the Chargers who beat us week 3
Chiefs fought tooth and nail for a win in OT.

Revenge is sweet.  But only in a game,
Playing by the rules and winning just the same.
Outside the game, retaliation’s wrong.
Shake hands, be kind, try to get along.

Leading the division is the prize of this game.
Chiefs vs. Chargers.  Lots of hype and fame!
Mahomes vs. Herbert.  Two offenses wild.
Two defenses stout, no one meek or mild.

But for the Chiefs, a win wasn’t given.
Mahomes and crew at the first got seven,
And then couldn’t get back in the end zone.
Pat was struggling, and we couldn’t bring it home.

For revenge, the Chargers sure wanted theirs
After losing the division for six whole years.
Their game plan was bold. Bold is the word.
“Treat every fourth down like it was a third!”

Into the second, it wasn’t looking good.
A big momentum shift, down by four we stood.
But our defense held firm and would not yield,
Then halftime came.  Same score.  Left the field. 

Revenge is sweet.  Third quarter was less.
The Chargers moved the ball.  Chiefs were a mess.
And by mid-fourth, Chargers led in points
While the Chiefs’ game was whack, all out of joint.

Throwing to the dirt?  Hitting Kelce’s back?
No real run game?  Why can’t we attack?
More drops to see.  An INT with it too.
No real rhythm.  At least the D was true.

Nick Bolton resembles a big wrecking ball.
14 tackles and making runners fall.
Bringing the stops and bringing the heat,
And helping the Chargers on their way to defeat.

And then?  Wow!  it happened! The Chiefs came to life!
Halfway through the 4th, we began to twist the knife!
Pat had coughed it up, L.A. gained ground.
But the Chiefs got the ball again, and our magic was found.

69 yards to Kelce to the 1!
Getting 8 points, tied at 21.
Chargers got the ball back, and scored once more.
Then Mahomes had his turn, and the wheels hit the floor.

Gaining on the ground!  Gaining by the air!
Moving the chains and the Chargers were scared!
With a minute and a half on the clock left to play,
Down by 7, Touchdown to Travis K!

Overtime game!  Ingraham calls the toss
Rubbing it in the Chargers’ face for their loss.
Ingraham called tails, and tails it was.
Of course we receive!  That’s what this team does.

Mahomes gets the ball and never looks back.
No Charger player can stop his attack.
With one final throw to Travis Kelce,
He dodges all defenders for a Chiefs’ victory.

Offense, Defense, all Chiefs were blazing.
Winning on the road on Thursday was amazing!
Firmly in place as the division leader,
Revenge is sweet, and this game was sweeter.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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12/18/2021 2:22 pm

My wife is really enjoying your weekly poems, and this one is a classic..

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