Chiefs’ poem – “How the Mighty have Fallen” – 2022 NFL Week 12, KC vs. LAR

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“How the Mighty have Fallen”

A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong – 2022 NFL Week 12, KC vs. LAR


“How the Mighty have Fallen”

Once so powerful, the envy of the rest.
They had climbed to the top of the tower,
The pinnacle and summit of all training,
Trial, preparation, engaging the opponents,
And sweat.

But hard times have come knocking on their door.
They who were Goliath have met many Davids,
All with smooth stones in slings.
The once-proud Titanic has met the iceberg,
And the ship is clearly sinking.

This was the Rams, the once-proud franchise
Who recently hoisted the Lombardi trophy
Given to champions.
Even as soon before as last winter,
And now it is clear
Now it is certain.
There will be no repeat for the fallen.

The Chiefs are another story.
Counted out from the beginning,
Especially by fools pretending to be wise,
Now they loom tall above all others.
Dominating their schedule
Which at the beginning looked to be the hardest,
Tougher than neurosurgery,
Harder than stale diamonds.

How little they knew.
How little they regarded the men in red.
Even if the great Cheetah fled to warmer zones,
Yet the Chiefs remained unmatched in offensive prowess.
Like ninjas in the shadows,
Like warplanes undetected by radar,
These Chiefs can strike from anywhere unannounced.

Led by their caller in curls,
Who sees through defenses as if they were glass,
He is a surgeon who cuts through.
Like a Zen Buddhist, he finds the path of least resistance.
And the announcers are besides themselves!

The mighty have fallen.
Those Rams who once stood so proud
With a new ring on their finger
Are now looking up in their despair,
And can only see the inevitable red.
Go Chiefs!

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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11/29/2022 1:45 pm

Love this. You’re talented. I think I might try a poem. We’ll see.

11/25/2022 2:44 pm

Interesting work. Your rhyming works are easier to read, but that’s my problem not yours.
Not sure about this line: Harder than stale diamonds
Are fresh diamonds softer?
Regardless, well done and thank you for the efforts. They do add to the site.

Voted Five before our friend can come in and give it their standard one.

Last edited 1 year ago by NovaChiefs
Reply to  3rdnlong
11/25/2022 6:44 pm

HA! I see he made it. Ol’ Faithful.

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