Chiefs’ poem – “Cardiac Game” – NFL 2022 Week 5, KC 30 vs. LV 29

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“Cardiac Game”

A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong – 2022 NFL Week 5, KC 30 vs LV 29


“Cardiac Game”

An uphill battle since the second Raiders’ drive.
The Chiefs looked listless, the Raiders were alive.
Making nice throws, running and pounding,
While Kansas City struggled, weakness abounding.
Three drives gave LV 17.
Chiefs had zero, fans were getting obscene.

One little drive ended in frustration
As shades of Matt Amendola shocked Chief’s nation
Missing wide right on an easy field goal,
Rental kicker Wright was wrong.  Poor control.
It was looking like it wasn’t going to be our day,
But the game wasn’t over.  There was much more to play.

Chiefs’ got the ball back, and finally scored.
Pat put seven points up on the board.
A touchdown pass to Travis Kelce
Now tied for games with catches with Tony G.
Still 17-7. Raiders gained some yards.
Smashing Chiefs in the mouth, punching us hard.

Chris Jones got a great play, so we thought.
A strip sack of Derek Carr, but it was all for naught.
The refs threw a flag, which was clearly clean.
Chiefs’ fans were livid, and Andy got mean.
The refs wouldn’t hear it, wouldn’t hear Reid’s say
They went to the far side just to get away.

We snuck in a score, though, right before half.
Somehow, Matt Wright redeemed his former gaffe!
He kicked a field goal for a franchise record!
59 yards, Chiefs’ new record setter!
Mckinnon gave momentum for that needed first step.
Chiefs went to the lockers for the next half to prep.

Coming out strong, adjustments were made.
CEH gave a boost, Chiefs went on a crusade!
17 unanswered points were scored,
And the Raiders were starting to look all floored.
They couldn’t stop Mahomes, though they certainly tried
He got sacked three times, yet kept fighting for pride.

In the 4th quarter, now leading by four,
Raiders kicked for three and tightened up the score.
Chiefs drove down then the drive got stalled.
The Raiders’ D forced incompletions to fall.
Dropped passes brought Pat great consternation.
The Raiders brought the pressure, and we all felt frustration. 

But hold on!  Wait!  A flag was thrown
And this time possession went back to be our own.
A holding call – somehow – on the Raiders’ special teams
Gave the Chiefs new life and opened up their dreams.
Pat threw once again to Kelce for six!
Four touchdowns for our tight end with the tricks!

30-23.  Then the Raiders brought trouble.
They marched down the field and scored right on the double.
And not knowing if they would get back the ball,
Coach Josh McDaniels tried to go for it all.
A 2 point conversion was tried, and failed,
The Chiefs led by 1, but would they prevail?

Chiefs got the ball back, but nothing came of it.
The Raiders’ D tightened and our offense couldn’t shove it.
Raiders get the ball with 2 minutes plus to go,
Having 2 timeouts and the warning in their tow.
They only need 3 to win this outright,
And the way our defense played, they could turn out our lights.

Raiders throw a pass to the place where they needed.
It’s ruled complete.  We were almost defeated.
But replay sends the call to New York to be checked.
To make sure of the ruling, they had to inspect.
And what do you know? The call was overturned.
Raiders threw another pass, but too bad.  They got burned.

The Cardiac Chiefs come out ahead.
Winning by one, and we thought we were dead.
You may need your doctor to prescribe
Some heart medicine ‘cause the games of this tribe
Are murder on your health.  But I’ll take it anyway.
Chiefs are 4-1, and we proved we can play.  

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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10/11/2022 10:16 am


10/11/2022 8:53 am

Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for Chiefs fandom.

“Hey hey hey hey, it was the DNA
Hey hey hey hey, that made us this way!”

10/11/2022 7:58 am

Nicely done ? ? ?

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