Chiefs’ poem – “Bring on the King” – 2022 NFL Week 9, KC vs. TEN

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“Bring on the King”

A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong – 2022 NFL Week 9, KC vs. TEN

“Bring on the King”

Bring on the King!
Titans are coming.
Hungry for a win,
Henry is running.
But KC is rested,
Coming off a bye.
And Coach Reid’s record
Post-bye is pretty fly.

Titans have a runner,
But wide receivers?  Nah.
Trading A. J. Brown
Has shown a Titan’s flaw.
Titans wide receivers
Have only one score,
And after Sunday night,
They still won’t have more.

KC Chiefs’ defense
Is tougher all the time.
Stopping runners mighty
As if they were a crime,
And we were great detectives
Who always catch our man.
So pounding us with Henry?
That’s a failed plan.

No one can stop
Chiefs’ aerial assault.
Mahomes to anyone –
With this, there is no fault.
Spread the ball around,
So everyone makes plays
Showing all the fans
That these are golden days.

Sunday night games
Always brings our best.
Playing under stars,
Chiefs will make a mess
Of Tennessee’s team
And what they can do.
Chiefs will show up
And Titans fall through.

They might have pressure
But we have a line.
They might have Henry
But Chiefs stop him this time.
They might have surprises
In what they can bring.
But Chiefs will be ready.
So bring on the King!


If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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