Chiefs’ poem – “Bear Beatdown” – 2023 NFL wk. 3, KC 41 vs. CHI 10

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“Bear Beatdown”

(A Chiefs’ poem – 2023 NFL regular season wk. 3 – KC 41 vs. CHI 10)


“Bear Beatdown”

Well, the first drive ended up quite a dud.
KC Chiefs only moved the chains once.
But Tommy Townsend showed he was a stud
When he pinned the Bears deep with exceptional punts.

Bears got going but then had to stop.
Our no-name defense rose up like a wall.
A sack by Drue and Furious George rocked
Set up by Mike Danna’s pressure on the ball.

The next drive set up the tone for the rest
As Pat and the Chiefs drove down for a score.
McKinnon took the handoff from the best
And ran it in, always hungry for more.

Bears’ second drive moved the ball decently
But Chris Jones brought terror for loss of yards.
Out of range for a field goal three,
You could tell a Chiefs’ win was in the cards.

The next Chiefs’ drive brought seven more points.
Pat spread the ball all over the field.
Clyde ran it in, and the Bears out of joint
Could not stop anyone.  They had to yield.

Down by fourteen, the Bears couldn’t move.
The Chiefs’ defense rose up strong and proud.
Then another touchdown to McKinnon would prove
That Arrowhead today was gonna be loud.

A big turnover on Chicago’s fourth drive!
Trent McDuffie brought a forced fumble home.
Willie Gay recovered, the crowd came alive
As the Chiefs were giving the Bears a syndrome.

Butker kicks 3, and then he kicks off.
This Bears drive ended in more frustration
As a tipped ball went to Edwards on top
An interception bringing the Chiefs’ elation.

Two Rashee catches, in the red zone,
Inches away from the goal line.
Pacheko runs it in like a combat drone.
Chiefs’ D stopped the Bears their next time.

Chiefs had the ball, went in for 7 more
Then the refs called foul for no good reason.
Their call on Taylor did away with a score,
Though targeting Jawaan like that should be treason.

Another field goal, then halftime was here.
Up by 34 to zero, Bears were toast.
Add another mark in Andy Reid’s career –
The greatest lead ever in a game, his most.

Half is done, the Bears suck the same.
The Chiefs’ D stifles Chicago silly
With a sack by Danna, and Sneed on his game
And a hard blitz by that linebacker Willie.

Chiefs’ then add insults to injuries given
As MVS gets chunk yards and more
Travis Kelce gets in the end zone for 7
And Taylor Swift gets all thrilled at the score.

Up in the suite, by Kelce’s mother,
It’s clear to see how true the rumors were.
“We are never getting back together”
Are the words we hope will never occur.

Back to the game.  Pat to the bench.
In comes Gabbert to stink up the joint.
Two picks thrown and the rest of the stench
Was the end of the shut-out, as the Bears got points.

41 to 10 was the score at the end.
Kansas City was in total domination.
A Bear beatdown, no way to pretend,
This was completely Chiefs’ annihilation.

Reid has a new record in the league,
Moving past Tom Landry on the chart.
4th all time most wins.  What fatigue?
Andy has the skills and has done his part.

A Bear beatdown was what Chiefs needed.
Flexing their muscles and thrilling this town.
Kansas City would not be defeated
Chiefs dished up a big Bear beatdown.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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09/25/2023 8:50 am

That, friend, was awesome. Seriously. These get better every week, as has been said before.

McDuffie is definitely a stud. Great pickup.

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