Chiefs Playoff Picture: Week 14

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Arrowhead Guys tells you who to root for this week!


Chiefs: 8-4

Broncos: 6-6

Chargers: 5-7

Raiders: 5-7

The Chiefs are so dominant in the division that we’ve lost 3 of our last 5, including one to a division rival, and we’re still 2 games up with 5 to go.

If the Chargers beat the Broncos this week, the division race becomes all but over no matter what the Chiefs do against the Bills. If that happens, and even if the Chiefs do lose, we would essentially clinch the tiebreaker, meaning the Broncos or Chargers would have to make up 3 games in the final 4. That’s not going to happen, especially with the Chiefs easy remaining schedule.

You know the division race is nearly over when you start talking magic numbers, which are the combined wins of one team and losses of another to clinch. Right now the magic number is 4 for the division, but with 5 games left that’s not saying much. That number will likely be much more interesting next week.


  1. Dolphins (9-3)
  2. Ravens (9-3)
  3. Chiefs (8-4)
  4. Jaguars (8-4)
  5. Steelers (7-5)
  6. Browns (7-5)
  7. Colts (7-5)
  8. Texans (7-5)
14vs Billsvs Rams@ Brownsvs Titans
15@ Patriots@ Jaguarsvs Ravensvs Jets
16vs Raiders@ 49ers@ Buccaneersvs Cowboys
17vs Bengalsvs Dolphinsvs Panthers@ Ravens
18@ Chargersvs Steelers@ Titansvs Bills

With 3 NFC losses, and wins over the Jaguars and Dolphins, the tiebreakers are very much clinched in our favor. If we finish with the best record we will get the top seed even if it’s a tie.

Losing last week sucked, but the reality is that neither the Ravens nor Dolphins are likely to finish the season with 5 straight wins given their schedule. And if they do, then they’d very much deserve the top seed.

However, I do think that at least one of them will finish 13-4. If the Jaguars beat the Ravens, the rest of their schedule is so easy that they’re a strong candidate to win out, but they also lost last week so we just have to match them. The Ravens have 3 tough games (Jags, 49ers, and Dolphins), so will likely lose at least one of those plus they’re capable of losing to the Steelers. The Dolphins also have the Ravens, plus the Cowboys will be tough and the Bills beat them easily earlier in the season.

All in all if we can beat the Bills this week I’d still feel good about getting the top seed. The rest of our schedule is so easy, so we should be expected to make up that game against both the Ravens and Dolphins (helped by the fact that they play each other and one will lose). Plus if we won out there’d be nothing the Jaguars can do.

But we are still in a precarious position. We really can’t afford to lose even one more game if we want the first round bye. We could maybe get lucky and get it even at 12-5, but that’s a tough ask to get 3 teams to all cooperate.

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12/08/2023 4:06 pm

Are we bringing up another RB from the practice squad?

12/08/2023 3:43 pm

The Ravens … plus they’re capable of losing to the Steelers

no they are not … not even the Pats lost to the Steelers

Fins/Ravens … if they do, then they’d very much deserve the top seed

agreed … and yes Chiefs need to win out for Top Seed (at that no guarantee, but hey … just win and see what happens)

12/08/2023 1:28 pm

TIN MAN/CEH highly likely to start on Sunday

#10 pop didn’t practice all week


TIN MAN…time to play like a FIRST ROUND PICK…with 4 years experience = no f*,cups….block, catch & RUN HARD

Reply to  gonzangkc11
12/08/2023 5:29 pm

12/08/2023 12:22 pm

We are amere 1 point favorite over a 6-6 bills team at home. Hopefully the team is embarrassed about that because they should be.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
12/08/2023 4:38 pm

That means the bills would be favored on a neutral field.

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