[Br]eaking [Br]ad

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Friend of Arrowhead Guys “Severn” makes social media fun again.

A couple ideas came together and [Br]eaking [Br]ad was born. I’d previously threatened Severn that I was going to dedicated a Twitter feed to him on AG, because without fail you will see a serious tweet being sent out, and there is Severn with his trademark irreverent response. So here we are.

And. Here. We. Go.

What was your favorite [Br]eaking [Br]ad?

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07/12/2019 3:59 pm

If she’s lying like shit, you must acquit Absolute Gold this wins the internet for the whole month of July.

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer
07/12/2019 2:37 pm

Aaron Rodgers: I mustache you a question!

07/12/2019 2:23 pm

You want a hot taek that needs a hot taek? https://outline.com/CXB3n4

Reply to  oof46
07/12/2019 2:53 pm

Oh for Frick’s sake

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer
Reply to  jmgunn0124
07/12/2019 11:34 pm

Is your name Kevin? I know a guy named Kevin that says frick / frickin all the time.

Dave B.
Dave B.
Reply to  oof46
07/12/2019 3:08 pm

Denial of all wrongdoing is so standard in abuse cases…

It’s also standard in cases where you didn’t do what you were accused of.

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer
Reply to  oof46
07/12/2019 3:11 pm

Hang Em All and let God sort it out? Unless of course you don’t believe in God which is fine by me.

Reply to  oof46
07/12/2019 8:35 pm

It looks like it’s currently just in “outline” form. So they’re sticking their hat up to see how many bullet holes it gets before actually publishing it. Hopefully it gets shot down.

07/12/2019 2:16 pm

Brady’s glove isn’t as badass as Severn’s.

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