BRaG Talks Football VIII: Playoffs

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Wherein I step up to my lectern, as was recently said to me, and give my opinions about football ad the Chiefs.

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Where to start. Well, firstly, long live Jerry Jones, who plays at being a GM, and builds teams for a marketing image. Dak, Zeke, and even McCarthy aren’t the primary issue, that belongs to Jones. Since I’ve hated them since the 80s, I want him to continue to be his bumbling self.

Let’s see. Aside from the obvious heroes of the game in Chad, Travis, Chris, Patrick, and so on, let’s give it up for the unsung ones. Butker was money all day, and may have saved the game on that return tackle, and that counts in Winchester and Townsend, too. Toub should get some fan apologies now, or at least pats on the back from his critics.

We’ve got a lot of statistical masking from early on, when we struggled to get wins as the team was coming together, so once again, don’t trust any predictions based on full-season statistics. The predictions might turn out to be right, but that’s always a 50–50 shot in the prediction game. Anyone doing predictions can easily get lucky, even if they’re idiots.

Patrick’s ankle is going to be a concern, even presuming we play next month, but for now, it is what it is. Fortunately, Reid’s got a sheaf of plays that can accommodate mobility issues, and they’re mostly already in his playbook. Do I know this based on personal experience? No, but one that thick’s gotta be loaded with contingency plans. Reid’s hallmark is meticulous preparation, and he wouldn’t neglect that part.

Tense times, with plenty of legitimate concerns around Pat’s injury, that’s unavoidable. All I can suggest is my own approach: don’t borrow trouble. Mahomes’ ankle will remain a mystery until game time, so any scenario you can dream up will have a gaping hole in it. All we can do is hold on to our faith, and we all have that.

But what do I know? I’m all verklempt, discuss.

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01/23/2023 5:14 pm

01/23/2023 3:16 pm

you’ve only hated the Cowboys since the 80’s?



01/23/2023 11:35 am

The wises thing for the Chiefs to do is keep the QB starter a mystery all week long especially if it looks like PM will be the one.

01/23/2023 11:29 am

Is the implosion in Denver an example of Horseface following the example of Jerry Jones? We can only hope so, and we can only toast to its continuing.

Reply to  Nasrani
01/23/2023 3:17 pm

no … Dak was a draft pick, Wilson is an old guy who doesn’t seem to have much left in the tank

Denver, seems to me, is the opposite of rebuild, going for a ridiculously expensive “win at all costs RIGHT NOW” plan, which is patently insane (and we should send them a Thank You card)

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