AAF: How to Watch the Games: Week Seven

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You can find the entire league schedule here.

If the games are being streamed the best way to watch them is here:


And here:


I would recommend subscribing to these channels.

You can also find all the IOS and Android apps for DofuStreaming here:


The first game up features Orlando vs Atlanta.  Is this the game where Orlando starts to slide, or will they come out angry and completely beat up on the Legends?

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This game will be broadcast on TNT on Saturday March 23 at 1:00 pm Arrowhead Guys time. As the game day rolls around I will be posting the game day threads with the live streams embedded.

Next up the game features Salt Lake vs San Antonio. This is San Antonio’s chance to shine. They will be returning home after a four week road game tour. The fans should show up in force if week one and two are any indication.

Embed from Getty Images

This game will be broadcast on the NFL network at 7:00 pm Arrowhead Guys time, and as stated above… As the schedule comes out on DoFuStream we will embed the stream here on the game day thread.

On Sunday we will get to witness the first match-up of the day between San Diego vs Arizona.  Both of these teams have something to prove right now. The question is which team wants it more?

Embed from Getty Images

The game will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network on Sunday March 24 at 3:00 pm Arrowhead Guys time, and as the live stream becomes available it will be posted in the game day thread.

For the final game of the weekend we will have Birmingham vs Memphis.  This should be an interesting game. Will there be a Manziel sighting? What will it say about Manziel if he rides the bench this game?

Embed from Getty Images

This game will be broadcast on the NFL Network at 7:00 pm Arrowhead Guys time, and as always… We will embed the stream, as always in the game day thread

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Reply to  KC Dude (A.K.A Zif)
03/22/2019 3:17 pm

I can try, but it might take a while for the sound to carry that far. But I did take Mrs. BRAG to THE MNF game (Do I need to list all 142 reasons why it is “THE” MNF game?), and she had to keep her earplugs in, not so much because the crowd roar was too loud for her, but because /I/ was so much louder than that, true story. So there might be a chance you’d hear me. 😉

Reply to  KC Dude (A.K.A Zif)
03/22/2019 5:58 pm

Yikes, I might get arrested if I’m trying to yell that loud for you to hear!

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