2020 NFL Redraft: Who Should’ve the Chiefs Taken?

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With the bye week this week, I thought it would be a fun exercise to redraft the 2020 NFL class the Chiefs drafted, and see what I would want to do now, with the benefit of seeing these guys 9 weeks into the NFL. While I’m redrafting this year’s class, that doesn’t mean I don’t really like the class the Chiefs had, but here’s what I would’ve done if I could go back and make the picks myself. First, a couple of rules.

  1. I’m not redrafting the entire draft, so just pretend who I drafted, the former player goes to that team
  2. Can only take someone less than 1 rounds taken later. For example, for the Chiefs, I can only take people from 32-64 in the redraft for the first. Can’t take some 5th round pick in the 2nd.
  3. Can only keep 1 player from Chiefs in redraft, any round
  4. No UDFAs

Round 1, Pick 32: Yetur Gross-Matos, Defensive End, Penn State

If you read any of my stuff pre-draft, you would know that my favorite player in the 2020 NFL class was Yetur Gross-Matos. I was so sad the Chiefs didn’t draft him on draft night, so I’m going to retroactively rewrite history to get him on this football team. Prior to last week, YGM was averaging 1 pressure every 5.9 snaps, which is ridiculous for a rookie. He’s got 35″ arms, exceptional burst, and power in his hands to be able to win with inside counters. During the draft, everyone knew of his freaky athleticism off the edge, but now he’s put his pass rush plan together. He’s been superb as a situational pass rusher for Carolina this year, and getting him on a rookie contract would be huge for our future.

Round 2, Pick 63: Jeremy Chinn, Safety, Southern Illinois

I’m taking another one of my favorite players in the 2020 class (both from Carolina), in Jeremy Chinn. While Jeremy Chinn wasn’t my top ranked safety, he was easily my favorite safety. Chinn, standing 6’3 and 221 lbs, was a freak athlete at the Combine. Running a 4.45 40 and having crazy jumping scores, Chinn was an all-around complete athlete. He somehow fell to 64 (one pick past Willie Gay), and the Panthers have reaped the benefits of that. He’s played a little everywhere for the Panthers, he’s even played some WILL for them, and has shown great ability in playing in the box. Chinn would give a way more dynamic and versatile option than what Sorensen provides, and gives a clear replacement to Tyrann Mathieu in the future.

Round 3, Pick 96: Joshua Kelley, RB, UCLA

Since I left Clyde Edwards-Helaire on the board, I decided to draft a RB in the 3rd, and someone I liked after watching some Senior Bowl tape. Kelley had really good pass catching ability from the Senior Bowl, and did well in executing an outside zone scheme for UCLA. Those traits have translated to the NFL, even if Kelley hasn’t received a ton of reps yet. He’s worked well as a receiver in some of the bubble screen game the Chargers have run, and given all the CEH touches, I think Kelley would play super well.

Round 4, Pick 138: L’Jarius Sneed, CB, Lousiana State

The guy to redraft is pretty obvious to me, and that’s Sneed. Sneed, who has exceptional speed, length, and ball skills, has far surpassed all hype we possibly could’ve imagined for him. While the technical side of the game needs major refinement, the top-tier athleticism and solid ball skills makes him a candidate to be one of those guys a few years from now, when people write “How did Sneed fall that far?”

Round 5, Pick 177: Michael Onwenu, IOL, Michigan

Onwenu has played all around the offensive line for New England, playing both tackle and guard. While he wasn’t quite as comfortable at tackle, he looked decent there. He’s looked best as a guard though, and looks like a steal for New England. He fits a similar mold to what Kelechi Osemele looked like prior to injury, and would give the Chiefs way more security on the interior going into 2021.

Round 7, Pick 237: Jonathan Garvin, DE, Miami

Garvin hasn’t played much this year, but fits the prototypical DE type that Spagnuolo typically covets. He would give the Chiefs a developmental option going into 2021 and beyond.

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11/16/2020 4:21 pm

I’d’ve kept Gay. As much as I want an upgrade for Sorensen, I think a direct replacement for Hitchens/Wilson is even more important.

Can’t argue with much else, there. Although I did like the skillset of Anthony McFarland, the RB out of Maryland.

11/16/2020 12:58 pm

Lamar Jackson still sucks

Severely Concussed
Severely Concussed
11/16/2020 12:41 pm

With no LB drafted we are in worse shape than our actual draft

11/16/2020 11:38 am

I was gunning for Patrick Queen on a trade up back then but I’m fine with how the 2020 draft fell. You should do a 7 round mock draft post on 2021…cause I see the one that KK has done on the other site and I really really want to ‘comment’ on it but I refuse to support the globalist communist agenda.

Last edited 12 days ago by MasterBlaster7
Reply to  Nate Christensen
11/18/2020 3:35 am

a way too early draft evaluation isn’t about accuracy…it is about candy for psycho ‘shouldabeen’ GMs like me and others on here so they have something to chew on till off season. No one ever got slammed on posting a way too early mock draft….a way too early re-draft on the other hand haha. Usually, you want to wait 3 years.

Reply to  MasterBlaster7
11/16/2020 4:34 pm

Careful there, Twitter might block your comment.

Reply to  Berserker
11/18/2020 3:31 am

Twitter can have my comments when they pry it from my cold dead hand!

11/16/2020 11:10 am

Really? No Patrick Queen or Mekhi Becton? Interesting. You didn’t take ILB at all.

Reply to  Nate Christensen
11/16/2020 12:43 pm

Oh, fair point. That makes sense. I don’t know if I would have changed the pick then. CEH has won us at least one game this season with his legs.

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