Winners/Losers: Chiefs Vs Broncos

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Who are the bears this week, and who are the bulls? Stock analyst Tony gives you the inside skinny!

When you lose to the Broncos there’s going to be few winners and lots of losers.


Justin Reid

Reid got hurt early in the game, but he managed to come back and make one of the biggest positive plays of the game with his block field goal. And it was all him, as his incredible timing off the snap (that was not offsides despite the Broncos protesting) was what allowed him to get the block.

George Karlaftis

This may have been a tough game for most of the team, but Karlaftis had 2.5 sacks, the most in his young career. Sure, one was not really him as Russell Wilson just ran out of bounds in front of him late when the game was already over. But he was an absolute terror all game. One of those sacks led to a forced fumble that was the other positive big play for the Chiefs in the game.

Harrison Butker

Butker deserves a shoutout for continuing to be perfect on the year, including a 56 yarder in the cold and wet conditions. Keep in mind that the Broncos didn’t even want to attempt it when they had an opportunity for a 53 yard field goal. He may be on pace for a 1st team All Pro nod.


Flu Mahomes

When it was announced that Mahomes had the flu and was listed on the injury report right before the game started, I actually considered putting money on the Broncos. Most people thought of the Michael Jordan flu game. But that was actually food poisoning. You might think that’s nit picking but the actual flu is way worse than food poisoning when it comes to having to perform athletically. 

And it showed. Mahomes had a bad game with 2 interceptions, a lost fumble, a 3 sacks that lost 28 yards. That last one may sound like a weird one to include, but one of Mahomes’ biggest strengths is avoiding sacks and when he does get sacked limiting the damage. The last time he lost 28 yards to sacks in a game was back in 2021 in that game against the Titans that was the last bad loss of that bad stretch.

To be fair that final interception wasn’t a “real” interception as it was more of a desperation hail mary (and even then many people thought the Broncos should have been called for pass interference on it), but his other interception was legitimately bad and his fumble was legit on him for holding the ball too long.

Overall he just looked off. He should be fine moving forward, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t concerning that he’s recovering from the flu on a week where they have to travel to Germany to take on a tough Dolphins team.

Mecole Hardman

The return of Hardman wasn’t as glorious as it was last week. The Chiefs defense had finally stopped the Broncos’ march down the field early in the 4th quarter, giving the Chiefs the ball with the opportunity to take a lead with a touchdown. But instead Hardman muffed the punt, leading to a touchdown that put the Chiefs into desperation mode.

Skyy Moore

Skyy Moore continues his disappointing season as he mostly remains invisible game after game. However he had the chance this game to give the Chiefs hope on 4th down late in the game to bring it within a score. But instead he dropped potential TD that would have kept the Chiefs in it. And this pass was on Moore. It initially looked like it may have been on Mahomes overthrowing him a bit, but the replay showed that it was perfect and Moore misplayed it just enough to not be able to make the catch.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling

MVS had one nice play to get a 13 yard gain after a short pass, but his fumble was the first of the absolute killer plays of the game. The offense was moving the ball nicely, and his catch would have give them a 1st down on the Broncos side of the field and giving them a strong chance to score a touchdown to take the lead. But instead it was Broncos ball with great field position, and it was they who scored the touchdown to go up double digits early.

The Defense

But not for the reason you’d think. Giving up 24 points to the Broncos looks bad, but because of the turnovers those points came on drives of 39, 50, 10, and 10 yards. The reality is that the defensive performance was really more similar to the game 2 weeks ago when they only allowed 8 points.

However, situation matters, and in the 2nd half the defense needed quick stops to give the offense as many opportunities as possible. Instead they allowed the Broncos to burn over 15 minutes of game clock on their first 2 drives of the 2nd half (plus an extra minute that wasn’t their fault due to Hardman’s muffed punt), meaning the offense got the ball for the 2nd time in the half with 10:33 left in the 4th quarter.

Compared to the turnovers this is very much a lesser reason for the loss, and normally this type of performance is good (i.e. the Chiefs are usually winning so burning clock is good), but it was still a major contributing factor.

The Refs

Usually when the refs are in the loser spot in a loss it means I’m blaming them. But actually it was bad work on both sides. They had a sloppy game all around, not too dissimilar from the Chiefs.





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Reply to  Team Player
10/30/2023 3:31 pm

Time for a change

10/30/2023 2:31 pm

Loser: Andy Reid

He can work out the red zone and short yardage game.

Reply to  Tyrone
10/30/2023 4:36 pm

It’s so bizarre that we will chuck down the field on 3&2 but we run these trick misdirection or lateral plays inside the redzone. I know it’s simplistic, but my first play inside the redzone would be a throw at the EZ. Every time. Yeah the other team would know what’s coming, but they know we’re gonna run some stupid trick play now. 😁

Reply to  probablyamistake
10/30/2023 5:33 pm

1 Throw to the EZ (Travis can get open anywhere)
2 Run Pacheco up the middle
3 Pick/Rub routes / Quick slant (why do we never seem to throw to quick slants?)
4 Jet sweep to an actual fast player (Hardman)

98 Give the ball to Toney in the backfield
99 Outside runs with slow players (Mckinnon/CEH)
100 Non-QB sneaks

Reply to  probablyamistake
10/30/2023 5:35 pm

When they actually drop back to throw red zone that allows them to use their 2 best offensive weapons. Mahomes’ passing and Mahomes’ scrambling.

10/30/2023 2:06 pm

The Giants have traded Leonard Williams to the Seahawks for a 2024 2nd round pick and 2025 5th round pick

10/30/2023 1:48 pm

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler is reporting that the Chiefs and WR Richie James are looking at trade options

Severely Concussed
10/30/2023 1:19 pm

Severely Concussed
Reply to  Severely Concussed
10/30/2023 1:20 pm

That is part of the problem with drafting smaller receivers, some of them just don’t have the strength to fight through contact.

Severely Concussed
Reply to  Severely Concussed
10/30/2023 1:23 pm

Reply to  Severely Concussed
10/30/2023 1:31 pm

Then catch it one handed. If I catch a ball while drinkin a beer then he can catch it one handed.

Severely Concussed
Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
10/30/2023 1:41 pm

That’s not fair. Beer is a performance enhancing drug and he is prevented from having one while on the field.

Reply to  Severely Concussed
10/30/2023 2:00 pm

Is that a rule? Couldnt he wear a beer dispensing helmet?

Severely Concussed
Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
10/30/2023 2:20 pm

Reply to  Severely Concussed
10/30/2023 6:42 pm

He’s probably thought afterwards, “Best $15k ever”

Reply to  Severely Concussed
10/30/2023 2:21 pm

I thought that yesterday, but maybe since he can’t catch the flu from Patrick, they figured what’s the harm?

10/30/2023 12:46 pm

I applaud you for finding winners.
I tossed the whole damn thing in the “Loser” bin and moved on.
Skyy…I am lothe to rag on players who are doing way more than I can, but I am lost as to why he is thrown to anymore. Outside of last years playoffs and SB (both kind of big, admittedly), he’s been a ghost.
Mecole…he gets more leeway because he has produced in the past (very recent past), but you cannot muff that punt.
MVS..Kelce fumbled against the Bengals. It cost us that game, but Kelce shows up every game, so not a one to one comparison.
Patrick…if you’re sick, too sick to play at anything close to your high level, maybe let your backup play and stay home? I would be fine with the entire performance had Gabbert been playing. Even the turnovers. Would have written it off. But like Hardman, maybe try not to solve it all yourself? The ankle was probably easier to play with than the flu. You can’t breathe, move, think, see.
Andy…for letting Patrick go out and do that in a game that was really a throwaway, that’s my complaint. Play calling was dicey, but the decision to play him was worse.
Defense…you need to get off the field, but you also are not supposed to defend <50 yard fields four times a game.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
10/30/2023 1:15 pm

I agree with this 100%. Especially the Mahomes playing thing.

Reply to  SuperMegaChief
10/30/2023 3:13 pm

as do i. if we can’t rely on the backup people then we need to work on upgrading them

Severely Concussed
10/30/2023 12:44 pm

MVS is the biggest problem in the receiver group.
He gets the most snaps, is paid the most money, yet can’t get open. He was touted as a deep threat, but never beats his man, allowing the safeties to lock up the middle of the field where Kelce, Rice, and Toney could thrive.

Also Donovan Smith was really bad yesterday.

Severely Concussed
Reply to  Severely Concussed
10/30/2023 1:10 pm

I I just saw Donovan Smith was our 6th highest rated player on PFF with a 73.9.
I saw him standing around not blocking anyone during Mahomes scramble, whiff blocking on screen plays, and getting zero push on left side runs.

10/30/2023 11:46 am

I can’t/won’t blame “The Refs” because I saw flags fly on BOTH teams … to be sure: BOTH SIDE of BOTH TEAMS …

the Defense did what they could, all things considered …

Hardman’s muffed punt hurt, for sure, but it was like the last in a string of miscues (the MVS fumble, the INT’s from Mahomes and of course the Mahomes fumble) … the Broncos defense played well enough, and the KC offense was “off” by a mile most of the game (how much of that is on the O-Line?)

Reid’s play calling maybe … just an overall game to forget about completely and chalk it up as a REALLY bad day at the office for most of the team (J Reid, G Karlaftis and H Butker notwithstanding)

Last edited 5 months ago by upamtn
10/30/2023 11:31 am

I can’t entirely agree with your take on the refs. The refs gave them their second TD on a series of bad calls including the highly questionable TD catch that still doesn’t look like a TD on replay. If you remember we had them off the field early with a huge sack only to have a highly questionable ticky tack call give Dumbver a first down.

Last edited 5 months ago by ArrowFan
10/30/2023 10:39 am

I don’t know whether to put the defense in the “losers” column this week. They did run out of steam, yes, but that’s because they were on the field for the entire second half, save about 8 minutes. If they are losers it’s by association (i.e., the offense, for want of a better term, dropping the ball) rather than of their own volition.

10/30/2023 10:38 am

Andy Reid deserves to be on the loser list. Terrible play calling. Terrible clock management (although Russ bailed him out at the end of the half). Terrible punt decisions. One of the worst games for Reid since hes been in KC.

10/30/2023 10:36 am

Wasnt reid in coverage on the jeudy catch after the mvs fumble? Terrible duck throw by russ where reid went behind the receiver instead of in front of him.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
10/30/2023 12:41 pm

I thought that was Jaylen Watson (35). Maybe I’m thinking of another play.

Severely Concussed
Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
10/30/2023 12:46 pm

Reid was in good position and made a great swat on the ball.

Sometimes you just have to give credit to the other guy for making a better play.

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