What Would It Take For The Chiefs To Trade Mahomes?

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A mere fun one today. Of course in the real world there’s no way the Chiefs would trade Mahomes, especially since you can only trade 1st round picks up to 3 years in advance. Even if a team agreed to trade their entire next 3 drafts in a row the Chiefs would still laugh in their face.

But let’s get outside the realm of realistic and legal options. Is there any scenario we can come up with that would make the Chiefs even consider trading Mahomes?

How many 1st round picks?

Can we come up with a number of 1st round picks to make it work? Like not just from a team, but from the whole league? What if the Chiefs were given all 32 1st round picks in exchange for giving up Mahomes?

Sure, no matter the year we’d be forced to downgrade at quarterback. But taking 2022 as an example, can you imagine a receiver room made up of Drake London, Garrett Wilson, Chris Olave, Jameson Williams, Jahan Dotson, and Treylon Burks, costing roughly $30 million combined against the cap for 4 years? On top of that a cornerback room of Derek Stingley Jr., Sauce Gardner, Trent McDuffie, and Kaiir Elam, again costing well below market value? A pass rush of Travon Walker, Aiden Hutchinson, Kayvon Thibideaux, Jermaine Johnson, and George Karlaftis?

That would be some serious talent at premier positions, but would also be so cheap that you could still go out and sign some top tier free agents. You may not have the top quarterback in the NFL, but you’d have a super team around him.

That being said, I don’t know if even that would work. Part of what makes Mahomes so valuable is that he’s going to be around for a long time. While an every 1st round pick team would be exciting, it would only stick around for 4 years before you’d have to lose all of them as they became too expensive. But Mahomes will still be the best quarterback in the NFL in 2027 (unless somebody with some unbelievable amount of talent came along).

For How Long?

Ok, so if we’re looking at just 4 years at a time that entire 1st round strategy could work. So what if we did it every 4 years? Like we get the entire 2023 1st round, then as they all get too expensive we also get the entire 2027 1st round. And we repeat that until he retires.

If Mahomes retires when he’s 43 (it’s possible!) that’d be the entire 2023, 2027, 2031, and 2035 1st rounds.

Given the breakdown from above of one complete 1st round, that’s a deal I might take. As great as Mahomes is, I don’t know if even he could oppose such a super team consistently.

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03/08/2023 9:59 pm

I’mma go with ” Mass Annuerisims ” @ Ownership & Front Office Level Employees down to the Peanut Vendors … ; )

Team Player
Team Player
03/08/2023 5:24 pm

Something criminal.

It would take something absolutely criminal.

03/08/2023 4:15 pm

comment image

03/08/2023 3:46 pm

Glad I deleted that comment.

03/08/2023 2:28 pm

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/08/2023 4:14 pm

Last night, my gf grabbed a flashlight and a sharpened stick and aimed them at me.

We’ve been playing “Sons of the Forest” for the last week or so. Might be time for a break. 😂🤣

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/08/2023 5:20 pm

you paraglide, I wanna see that

Big Chief
Big Chief
03/08/2023 1:01 pm

The only way I could see the Chiefs trading Mahomes is if he demanded to be traded. And I think that’s why the front office scrambles to keep a good team around him so it never comes to that. Otherwise there I don’t believe there is any combination of players or draft picks that could entice them to move him.

Reply to  Big Chief
03/08/2023 4:16 pm

As long as Andy Reid is HC, we are good. Once he retires, I’m nervous.

03/08/2023 12:58 pm

What would it take? As a wise man once said, “More. More. More. More. More.”

Reply to  BKSchief
03/08/2023 1:27 pm

Travis? wise? I believe he also said he failed a boatload of tests, both classroom and drug, and still won a couple super bowls!!

03/08/2023 12:46 pm

yanno, I do believe I’d do that … hard to say, but for FOUR entire 1st round drafts … yeah, I guess MAYBE

Last edited 20 days ago by upamtn
03/08/2023 12:18 pm

Think of the havoc you’d have with a team of 32 first rounders contracts coming up at the same time… well, we can afford to keep 3 of ya…

Reply to  hoosierchief
03/08/2023 12:47 pm


03/08/2023 11:37 am

I wouldn’t trade any amount of just draft picks for Pat. Who would play QB?

Question is who is the 2nd best QB and would you trade mahomes for the next best qb and a boat load of picks.

03/08/2023 11:37 am

6 #1s, 6 #2s, Joe Burrow (I don’t care how they get him) and the trading team pays them for their first 6 years with us. EACH of them. Including Burrow.
Then I’d listen

Reply to  NovaChiefs
03/08/2023 6:30 pm

This is sort of what I was thinking. Burrow, half a dozen firsts, half a dozen seconds, half a dozen thirds.

2023 pick 1
2023 pick 10
2023 pick 20

2023 pick 33
2023 pick 40

2023 pick 65
2024 pick 1
2024 pick 10

2024 pick 33
2024 pick 40

2024 pick 65
2024 pick 70
2025 pick 5

2025 pick 40
2025 pick 50

2025 pick 65
2025 pick 70
2025 pick 75

Something like this, I would pick up the phone

Reply to  Tyrone
03/08/2023 7:45 pm

Yeah, but as noted above, that’s a running 5 year fix because no chance we can pay all those 1sts. A prime example of a White Elephant.
They’d have to offer some of their cap space, which of course ain’t possible. I guess we’re stuck with ol’ Patrick.

03/08/2023 11:33 am

Tl/DR: armed guards around Arrowhead 24/7 for as long as he plays, because there will be riots

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