Welcome To Gameday! The Arrowhead Experience.

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Welcome to the Arrowhead Experience friends, fellow Chiefs fanatics, casual fans of the red and gold, bandwagon artists and Internet strangers alike. It’s gameday for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cleveland Browns at Arrowhead Stadium. Let’s roll!!!

The Kansas City Chiefs VS. The Cleveland Browns

Welcome to Gameday, Arrowhead Guys (Gals and G’s)! ON Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit on a Sunday morning at church before football. . . I’m telling/explaining/SHOUTING to you (YOU and YOU) that there is a certain feeling a Kansas City Chiefs fan gets coming down I-70, 435 or some generational family secret – highway or road – on their path to Arrowhead Stadium. That first moment when someone within the vehicle first spots the roller coasters and the tallest rides at Worlds of Fun peeking out of the trees in the distance. Seeing the old Adam’s Mark Hotel (then a Holiday Inn/then closed/then Adam’s Mark, then CLOSED–???) or hearing someone declare, “There’s Kaufmann!” or “There’s Arrowhead!” you’ll see swarms of the sea of red faithful showing up in droves as the 12th Man arrives in FULL. First to tailgate. Second to kick ass. There’s absolutely nothing like the Arrowhead Experience.

Have you been to a Kansas City Chiefs game in person?

Have you ever dealt with the anger levels that parking (and the prices) can cause, while simultaneously infinitely happy because you’re FINALLY at Arrowhead Stadium (in Kansas City, Missouri) on game day? Where the BBQ has already forced its way into your nostrils like Marcus Allen into the end zone in the ‘90s. “Touchdown, Kansas City!” It’s confusing to the senses to see so many Chiefs fans all at the same place at the same time. Out in the wild, when Chiefs fans spot each other it can turn into a gridiron-locked-large-gathering of Chiefs Kingdom intertwining like a family tree. In Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium on gameday, there are Chiefs fans everywhere in every direction you look, as far as the eye can see in Kansas City (Missouri!) mixed with the opponents fans and NFL fans of every color and logo . As a KC football fan or a raging Chiefs fanatic, if you’ve only watched it (GAMEDAY!) on the television at home or even on the multiple screens in some of the great sports bars and grills across America and all over the world in some cases, the Arrowhead Experience featuring YOUR tailgating is always well represented. But it’s just a different feeling experiencing it in person and seeing all the different varieties of Chiefs themed vehicles, custom Chiefs themed tailgate equipment: campers, RVs, canopies, pop-ups, grills, smokers, BBQ pits, bars with built-in kegs, mixed drinks, football novelties, and custom themed Chiefs parties with gameday excitement built-in MOAR than the alcohol. Please prepare yourself for the alcohol. If you’re new to the experience, don’t drink and take shots at every tailgate party. I’ve researched this approach thoroughly enough, and you will die. Especially from peoples’ customized Chiefs themed moonshines. Don’t drink these, you will die. 

Will you die?

Okay, maybe die is too strong, but so is the sea of red. There’s so much going on at Arrowhead on gameday within the overall experience. Once again, there’s quite literally thousands and thousands of Chiefs fans arriving at an alarming rate, ready to kick some ass! As a member of the KINGDOM, you can quite literally yell, scream and woo like Ric Flair as loud as you want to and it will just get lost in the echoes of sounds in the swarm of Chiefs fanatical noises swirling about. Footballs are thrown around by fathers and sons, best friends, strangers and MOAR strangers, mothers and daughters, cousins and long lost relatives, fans of other teams stuck in the middle (keep away), and beers, cornhole bags, cigarette boxes, Mahomes themed ketchup bottles, and BBQ secrets are also flailing about, but never revealed. You have to keep your wits about you; you might get tackled by someone’s child from three parties down. You might get thrown a beer – without looking – or a football or get stuck holding a Raiders baby. You never know. You do have to be a bit bold if you are just arriving at Arrowhead and you’re just in a car. You don’t have a tent or a keg, but you did get a big beer at the gas station across the street… no worries. Show up. Someone in the Kingdom will see the look of confusion on your face and offer you some BBQ as you tour the tailgate. Someone like CEH!   

Only not CEH at all…

Not even close. Andy Heck on gameday, it could end up being an opposing team’s fan that offers you the stuff you need. Today, it could be a Cleveland Browns fan that helps you out. It could be a genuine card carrying member of the Dawg Pound that helps you pound a beer at Arrowhead Stadium. It’s not likely, but it could happen. What’s more likely is that you’re going to have the time of your life. You’re going to meet new people. You’re going to see more Chiefs fans than you’ve ever witnessed in one place and you’re going to have to get loud and proud because Arrowhead Stadium is quite literally the loudest and proudest place on Earth.

You’ll hear that a lot when people talk about the Arrowhead Experience. But that’s not all that it is. It’s the parents with their children. It’s the friends with friends and family with family. It’s the opponent’s fans playing catch with the people in the Tom Brady jerseys and giving them shit. It’s the inevitable Raiders fans that are ever present that never stop rooting for their team no matter the trash talking. It’s the random Jets fans that’re there for some fucking reason and the Bills fan that is still rocking the Jim Kelly jersey. It’s Fantasy football fan just rooting for Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, CEH, Butker or the Chiefs defense. Or that brave soul that picked up a Chiefs TE like THE BellDozer or THE Jody or THE rookie Noah Gray. He’ll be there too! There will be the fans that only bet money on football and talk about points, parleys, wagers, prop bets, the over, the under and nickel, dime, dollar bets talking to people that don’t know how to-handle-no action-against the spread about shots of alcohol vs. beer. Don’t fall for this. You will die.

The point is that you will experience things at Arrowhead that are unique to Chiefs Kingdom in the NFL. At any moment, a Tomahawk Chop may break out. For me, this is one of the most amazing things about a packed house at Arrowhead. It isn’t always that it’s the loudest place. It’s about that Arrowhead pride as well, it’s about the feeling you get when 70,000 people strong are all doing the same war cry with the same passion and intensity. It’s like looking at a mountain. Sure I can show you a video or a picture of a freaking mountain, but it’s just different when you’re actually standing atop a mountain compared to watching a video of someone standing on a mountain top. It’s not absurd to be comparing Arrowhead to being atop a mountain. In both cases, you feel small amongst something larger than the individual. With Arrowhead you’re a piece of the magic that IS the 12th man. Watch the Tomahawk Chop in action. It’ll be back today!

The Chop!

It’s Not Just The CHOP!

It’s waiting in line for a beer. It’s trying to use the restroom both in and out of the stadium. It’s talking to the vendors. It’s waiting in lines at security. It’s ducking and dodging people that are wasted, because they tried all the drinks in the parking lot (if you don’t experience this at Arrowhead, you could be this wasted person…). It’s dealing with the Arrowhead nuances. Knowing where your seats are. Knowing when to stop talking shit so you don’t get thrown out of Arrowhead (it happens to the best of us {and worst [and it’s juicy?)] Even if the argument starts:

“Andy Reid is not much superior than Stefanski, if at all?”


What about adorable MN? Never mind. Pressing ON!

With this particular Arrowhead Experience, we know that it’s going to be against the Cleveland Browns. And so we know right off the bat like a Salvy Homer that the Browns fans are going to be a little bit grumpy. After all, they did get (Chad) Henne Given Sunday’d in the playoffs. They had a chance to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs with Patrick Mahomes out and they let Chad Henne rob them of their playoff SUPER chance like folks will do with your seats at Arrowhead if you’re not on time. Occasionally, there’ll be folks sitting in your seats. It’s not a worry, fans like moving around. There’s no need to call the police and get 17 ushers involved. Just say, “Get the fuck out of my seats. Why are you Raiders fans even here?” That’ll typically work. If it doesn’t work, just wait a few minutes and they’ll find a way to lose their seats. Because DA Raiders.

The point is, with the Arrowhead Experience you have to be ready to scream, yell, bang on seats and cheer until your throat bleeds red and gold. You have to be prepared to stand for hours at a time, possibly hammered before kickoff. So make sure you eat enough B.B.Q and F-O-O-D during the tailgating process. Don’t be shy, ask to share and ask to sample. Be nice. Friendly. Say things like, “Go Chiefs!” and “F$%& the Browns!” But in a nice way, like “The Browns suck. F$%& the Browns and Cleveland.” But instead say, “Also sometimes the song Cleveland Rocks gets stuck in my head because of that dang Drew Carey. Who doesn’t love the Price is Right? With Bob Barker–F&$# the Drew is Right and Drew Lock sucks too. Also F&%$ Denver” But be sure to mean it in the nicest way possible. Everyone appreciates the gesture. Especially the middle finger!

It’s not only about being rude and difficult with opposing fans utilizing the famous Stone Cold salute. Sometimes you have to engage with some incredibly knowledgeable Chiefs fans that have drunk a healthy portion of alcohol (*times*) CHHHHIIIIIIEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFSSSSSSS!!!!! The golden rule here is to be nice. Let people talk and don’t try to always be right or they will withhold beer and BBQ. Instead of being rude, play cornhole, play catch, play possum, play football, play beer pong, play shots – have another beer, smoke a joint and have another Marlboro because it’s gameday! Now, let’s talk about this game for a moment. Here are Stone Cold Chris Jones and the Chiefs video package… followed by your basic info:

Stone Cold loves you!

Guess who we don’t love?

THE _______________ ________?

[What is the Cleveland Browns?]

Garrett thinks…

That was this week(s) paragraph in who gives a crap about what Myles Garrett or the Cleveland Browns think! Moving on to GAMEDAY!

CBS has info…

How To Watch

Scout Staff – CBS (From Source)
  • When: Sunday at 4:25 p.m. ET
  • Where: GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium — Kansas City, Missouri
  • TV: CBS
  • Online streaming: fuboTV (Try for free. Regional restrictions may apply.)
  • Follow: CBS Sports App


The Chiefs are a solid 5.5-point favorite against the Browns, according to the latest NFL odds.

Over/Under: -111

See NFL picks for every single game, including this one, from SportsLine’s advanced computer model. Get picks now.

Series History

Kansas City have won all of the games they’ve played against Cleveland in the last seven years.

  • Jan 17, 2021 – Kansas City 22 vs. Cleveland 17
  • Nov 04, 2018 – Kansas City 37 vs. Cleveland 21
  • Dec 27, 2015 – Kansas City 17 vs. Cleveland 13

Just a reminder:



The Kansas City Chiefs WIN!


It’s been awhile since the Kansas City Chiefs put up some serious points, and I just think that’s how today is going to go. The Chiefs will score early and often. Even though the Cleveland Browns are an improved football team, they are not going to be quite good enough to hang with the best in the league. Travis Kelce often plays well against Ohio teams, and I believe/predict that Travis Kelce will be the player of the game. The OL for the Chiefs will get roughed around a bit as they get into a rhythm against a formidable Browns pass rush but will have their positive moments and pancakes like a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast looks in the picture… But ultimately when CEH has a monster day scoring the football with 2 TDs and over 100 yards, it’ll be too much for the Browns to effectively blitz and stop the run as they just never catch the Chiefs pace as the Chiefs defense racks up a few turnovers on their way to lead the league in the category this season (T.O.s!). The Browns’ weapons will look good and Baker will have a good/great game, but the Chiefs are at home in front of the 12th man and I just don’t see how they lose this game. Which (that said) if they do lose during the Arrowhead Experience, remember this ending advice!


If one were to take the two above tweets and combine the energy and effectiveness, one would start to be on the path to understand the Arrowhead Experience. It’s beautiful, it’s crazy, it’s wonderful, it’s easy to get thrown out if you’re an idiot – too much. It happens. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to you (okay maybe not) and you’re next. So go out there and have fun! Realize that after all that offseason lasted and lasted, it’s over. The Kansas City Chiefs are back and they’re facing the Cleveland Browns in Arrowhead Stadium today. Football is back and I want fans to experience Arrowhead and be thankful our Kansas City Chiefs are back in our Sundays again. From here until the Super Bowl and TODAY that journey starts with the Arrowhead Experience.

Please tell us about yours… and always remember… GEAUX CHIEFS!!!

Time’s Yours.

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09/12/2021 12:29 pm

I am pumped up now Thanks CBO

09/12/2021 12:05 pm

But when you come against THE CHIEFS
There’s no way that I can stand by!

‘Cause we play to win ’til we win it!

09/12/2021 12:04 pm

Love them or hate them, Michigan’s marching band put on a heck of a 9/11 tribute last night. A friend of mine told me about this; I heard they let the band of their opponents, the University of Washington, participate to stress unity.

This was the largest such tribute seen in college football yesterday.

A bird’s-eye view of the same:

Last edited 2 years ago by Nasrani
09/12/2021 11:56 am

comment image

Reply to  WaywerdSon
09/12/2021 12:30 pm


09/12/2021 11:45 am

2 Arrowhead exeriences come to mind, but one stands out–THE PHUMBLE!!!! The stadium was crazy in a way I have never quite seen it before, there was something different that night. Halloween, people in costume, the team opened the lots 3 hours early and the fans took full advantage. You could have given all of us public intox citations, even the baptist preachers were shitfaced. I was in the “north” end zone, lower bowl. Had to defend a kid wearing a Dolts jersey from some drunk idiot 3 rows behind us but that was the only negative. It was crazy loud when Phyllis drove the Dolts down to FG range, even though we all knew the game was over the noise level was insane. And suddenly Studebaker came out of that pile holding the ball and all hell broke loose. Its a shame the Guinness people werent there then, it might have hit 160dB in that end zone. WAY louder than when we set the record (I was at that one too). Greatest sports memory from a live game I’ve ever had, and I highly doubt anything will ever equal it

09/12/2021 11:25 am

comment image

Last edited 2 years ago by MasterChief
Reply to  MasterChief
09/12/2021 11:25 am


09/12/2021 10:59 am

If we want the corporate sponsorship, we could always change our name to GEHAG.

Reply to  EAFOX
09/12/2021 12:06 pm

There’s an EAFOX’s ex-wife joke in there somewhere… something about “hag”… or the fact that “GEHAG” sounds like an excessively phlegmy cough, such as one would make when seeing “the sea hag” to which EAFOX frequently refers…

Last edited 2 years ago by Nasrani
09/12/2021 10:58 am

Has been quite some time since I have been to Arrowhead. Been getting my kids some tickets for the last several years but always seem to be short of money. It is awesome to be near the field but I also appreciate the coaches view from up above to watch plays develop. Nothing beats the excitement of Arrowhead. If Asian women invited me to a KISS concert, I would insist that they reschedule as my Sunday is full.

Reply to  EAFOX
09/12/2021 12:33 pm


09/12/2021 10:53 am

KC 31 Cleveland 17

We will seal the deal with a ten minute fourth quarter drive with run after run after run and the obligatory Mahomes TD toss.

09/12/2021 10:41 am

So many highlights from my one visit to Arrowhead, especially the family who welcomed my cousin and me to their tailgate Q – we had some maple rye whiskey that squared up the deal but it was their open welcome and sharing of stories that made it memorable.

On another note: Hoosier, CBO, BRaG, Tony, others, and those in the background: thanks for your efforts, you’re making AG an ongoing great piece of Chiefs Kingdom real estate!

09/12/2021 10:38 am

Leave it to CBO to light the fuse!

Reply to  Snafu
09/12/2021 1:40 pm
John Doerty
John Doerty
09/12/2021 10:30 am

Why write GEHA? AG sponsored now? Not on game day baby. Not now, not eva! Arrowhead field at Arrowhead Stadium in Arrowhead World!

09/12/2021 9:54 am

damn CBO … a little excited, are ya? remember, it’s just practice … oh, I know the GAME counts, but the parking lot and stadium experience: it’s practice for later in the season (can you say playoffs at Arrowhead? sure, I knew you could!)

moreover, it’s Life Practice for almost any possible situation that one could think of … like, how to get BBQ without really trying, or how to get hammered without buying a drink, or how to cleverly wiggle out of a situation where you’re surrounded by a group of not-so-nice people

anyway, it’s Football Season at last, and that’s the main thing …

Geaux Chiefs!

Reply to  upamtn
09/12/2021 10:37 am

So you’re assuming we’re making the playoffs? I thought speculation wasn’t allowed in Ups world? ?

Reply to  probablyamistake
09/12/2021 10:43 am

Hahaha! Honestly, I tend towards Ups’ viewpoint, don’t assume just enjoy the ride, still: good one.

09/12/2021 9:01 am

I didn’t think it was possible to get more excited this morning, then CBO drops this ( insert Hardman joke ).
Already getting pics sent to the phone , from friends and family on the way to arrowhead…this is what it’s all about.
ITS GAME DAY !!!!!!!!
Chiefs 38-17

Reply to  rip58
09/12/2021 9:06 am
Reply to  rip58
09/12/2021 9:55 am

I do hope Hardman has a drop free day (just to settle FOX down a little bit)

Reply to  upamtn
09/12/2021 10:49 am

I will celebrate everyone of his catches today. Hope he makes me shut my mouth.

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