Welcome to Gameday: Super Bowl I – Rematch – Kansas City Chiefs vs. The Green Bay Packers

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Welcome to Gameday for the Kansas City Chiefs faithful. Today Arrowhead is set to go beyond crazy as the grills are firing up, the tailgating is on the way. Meanwhile, the Packers would “Jordan” Love to ruin the fun like a freakin’ cheesehead would want to do. . . Are you ready? Let’s GAMEDAY! Chiefs vs. Packers! Join AG to discuss!

Hello Arrowhead Guys! You didn’t think I’d remember did you? You thought I’d forget all about how the Kansas City Chiefs once battled the Green Bay Packers for the rights of being called World Champions didn’t you? Well, you’re right. I don’t remember. Because I didn’t even exist at the point the Chiefs got ‘Big-Gamed’ by the Packers in the first Super Bowl, sort of like how Aaron Rodgers isn’t going to exist on field facing the Chiefs in this match-up. Wow, that guy calls himself a Packers QB? He wasn’t even in the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl I win either, did he have covid in January of 1970 as well? What? He wasn’t born either? My God, that guy has all the excuses. Like, “I couldn’t play, I wasn’t even on the planet yet.” Okay buddy, whatever you say.

Jordan’s lovin’ it!

Rodger’s isn’t.

And that’s okay! It’s Gameday!

Whoops. Wrong team.

If it was still Chiefs & Chopper, I would’ve gotten that right.

Hy’llvee fine though. Mitch always calls it right!

When’s the game and where can you watch it?

Can you provide Jordan Love’s college stats? No, but CFBSR can!

AG? Did you know Love is a battlefield?

Here’s five other things to know about the Packers!

And here’s the goal today. Win! Like last Monday!

But with MOAR Super Bowl I — REVENGE!

Would the Lombardi Trophy be called the Stram Trophy if the Chiefs had won SB one? Take back the damn Stram trophy! Did you know?

No, not at all! But it was an easy red and gold excuse to say, “TAKE BACK THE DAMN STRAM TROPHY!”

Can’t go wrong with Lombardi. Let’s get this W and go WIN another one, Kansas City Chiefs. Let’s get this damn Stram REVENGE!

It’s Gameday!

Are you ready?

It’s Getting Close. It’s Gameday!

Amen (and Awomen!)!


Now that I feel like a could run through a wall like the Kool-Aid man, turn around, rebuild it and run through it again… I’m ready! Are you ready Arrowhead Guys (and Gals and Lurkers and Konami Code Voters (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A [Select {Start)]}? Because after the first series of games is over, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to take the field like Nintendo fans used to take up a game of Contra. Prepared for a fight even if a cheat code is necessary because it takes an extra 30 lives to beat these refs and the Chiefs mistakes. On 3rdnlong, Contra that shit and do what it takes.

I’m not a poet, but today’s game for Kansas City is going to be a tale of the Chiefs battling Love on the gridiron. While I’ll leave the Chiefs poetry to other fans, I recognize that the Chiefs need to be poetry in motion on offense to defeat the Love out of the Packers today and that sounds poetic to me.

Overall, I’d like to see a dominate showing out of the Kansas City Chiefs today. I’d like to see Gore score more. I’d like to see number 32 (honey) badger the witness while Packers fans watch Love get badgered. I’d like to see Bolton and Willie all over the field as Jones and Clark make Melvin Ingram seem like a steal. I’d like to see our offensive line protect our Chiefs Quarterback, while the defense knocks Love out with a sack full of win. Let’s eat so many Big Mac’s on Monday that they’ll have to notify our next of kin. Let’s get us a W and blow up the score. It’s time for revenge. Let’s show the Green Bay Packers the door. The season’s in Jeopardy. It’s time for a WIN. Get up Chiefs Kingdom, let’s let GAMEDAY begin!

Time’s Yours!

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John Doerty
11/07/2021 10:56 am

Went to Joe’s at P&L last night. Sat down about 9. Got drinks about 920. Ordered food about 945. Got informed at 1020 the kitchen had closed at 10. On the upside they comped all our drinks and gave us another round but WTF…..

11/07/2021 10:31 am

Hey stop reminding me of how old I am!!!
I watched that game!!!!!

Reply to  Chief-Blinders-On
11/07/2021 11:28 am

Thanks CBO. These two teams definitely have a history.

11/07/2021 10:17 am

Time is ticking by slowly today…ugh

Reply to  rip58
11/07/2021 10:35 am

No Shit! I haven’t moved my clocks back, so it’s even farther away then it feels like.

Reply to  63gump
11/07/2021 10:54 am

What kind of clocks do you have? Geezer clocks? ?

Clock GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Reply to  probablyamistake
11/07/2021 10:59 am

Damn straight!

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