The Future Of Arrowhead Is On The Ballot Tomorrow, What Should We Expect?

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A couple months ago I gave a brief overview of the situation with the Chiefs and Royals stadium tax vote. Some small things have changed, but with election day being tomorrow the fundamentals have remained the same. Instead of rehashing that article, let’s talk about what will happen after this passes or fails.

If It Passes…

Then the Chiefs will renovate Arrowhead and stay for several more decades. The Royals situation is more complicated, but for the Chiefs it is that easy.

If It Fails…

People will say the Chiefs and Royals will move if this fails, but that’s not necessarily the case. Yes they could move, with “moving” meaning either elsewhere in the metro area or potentially to a completely different city. But with 7 years left on the current lease this vote will be just the first step in the process, not the end. How this process will go is hard to know.

One possibility is that the Royals give up on their dreams of a downtown stadium and accept renovations to Kauffman. If they do this and go back to the voters it would likely pass.

Another possibility is that the Royals go shopping around the metro and find a suitor in another county. This is possible, but I suspect that they’ve already done this and have found that there aren’t any other takers. Johnson County seems like a dead end before they even pick up the phone, and every other county is so much smaller that they’d have a tough time affording it.

Regardless of what the Royals do, the Chiefs will have an interesting decision to make. They seem to not care very much. They’re obviously happy if this passes, but they also seemed like they would have been content waiting until closer to the end of the lease to start talking about new renovations. They only signed on here because why not?

But if this fails they might start wondering if they should remain tied to the hip with the Royals. If the Chiefs and Royals were on separate ballots the Chiefs would surely pass easily and they likely know it (there’s a reason the Yes on 1 folks use red while the No on 1 folks use blue). Instead of a 3/8ths sales tax, perhaps the Chiefs decide to ask for a 3/16ths sales tax to renovate Arrowhead and tell the Royals that they’re on their own.

While the Royals may be in legitimate danger of playing elsewhere in 2035, the Chiefs are not. They will get the money they need for renovations at Arrowhead even if it means going it alone.

Will It Pass?

It’s hard to say for sure. A poll that was done found it was nearly 50-50. But I believe that it will fail. There is so much energy opposing it in Eastern Jackson County (for those of you not familiar, that’s the suburbs of Kansas City, while Kansas City itself is in Western Jackson County) and tepid support in Kansas City that I just don’t see it getting over the hump.

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04/01/2024 4:13 pm

Buh bye Royals

04/01/2024 11:30 am

I wish the Chiefs would have stayed out of this entirely. Just like what was said in the article, there’s nothing stopping the Chiefs from coming back with their own proposal and it would very likely pass if it’s not extreme. I’ve been a Royals fan longer than I’ve been a Chiefs fan, but this whole thing has dampened my enthusiasm for the boys in blue. The Royals just haven’t done enough to justify this in their play or proposal. It’s hard not to see that this is a land development grab disguised as a baseball move.

04/01/2024 11:14 am

will be interesting to see how it all shakes out … esp if the measure is defeated (if passed we pretty much know the outcome anyway)

would personally prefer the Royals stay at Truman Complex and continue to play in the Iconic Kauffman Stadium

Team Player
Reply to  upamtn
04/01/2024 12:10 pm

Iconic Royals Stadium is long gone. Poor imitation Kaufman Stadium 2.0 is in its place.

It doesn’t make economic sense for the Royals to stay in the middle of a huge parking lot, no matter how attached people are to the nostalgia of it. Gate income is a tiny portion of a modern stadium’s income stream.

Sherman and co. will find a place that allows them to make money. Maybe in the metro, maybe elsewhere.

04/01/2024 10:55 am
Reply to  KCChef
04/01/2024 4:24 pm

You dont know what you got til its gone….. so long Royals. So long Arrowhead.

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