Sunday Tailgate!

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Come gather with your fellow Chiefs Kingdom members, and talk about what’s on your mind. Banner pic courtesy of RIP58.

Well, sorta, but we’ve a long way to go until kickoff. So mostly what you get relates to cartoons.

Color me surprised when I stumbled over that last one, but Diresta has a big-time channel, and it ain’t for his looks. Not my cup of coffee, for the most part, but it’s for a good cause.

Happy socializing!

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01/16/2022 3:00 pm

We should take pity on Pennsylvania after how bad they just got raped by Brady

01/16/2022 10:48 am

interesting article on fandom … seems it’s often the PLAYER rather than the TEAM (and it goes to other sports as well)

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills’ growing fandom shows how more people are rooting for players over teams

Reply to  upamtn
01/16/2022 11:16 am

Morning Ups, only eight more hours

Reply to  rip58
01/16/2022 11:22 am

hiya RIP … 8 hours, that’s a lotta Bert’s to go thru 😉

I think Chiefs Kingdom is ready

Reply to  upamtn
01/16/2022 11:30 am

Hell yes …..I know I’m ready… guess I’ll watch part of this eagles game

Wichita Chief
Wichita Chief
01/16/2022 10:22 am

Time to hit the road AG! I’ll make noise for everyone. Even Rip. My friend G should be here shortly. Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!!

Reply to  Wichita Chief
01/16/2022 10:40 am

have a blast, be SAFE!

Reply to  Wichita Chief
01/16/2022 11:15 am

I’ll see ya next week at the sacred acre Wichita… be careful…. Chiefs !!!

Reply to  Wichita Chief
01/16/2022 11:28 am

It wont be a problem getting here either way, and probably wont be on your route but if I-70 west is part of your travels home make plans for a different route. It is closed at 18th street here due to a fatal fire in the homeless camp that was under the bridge

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