Seafood: Exotic Sampler

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Want to see what’s on the Seafood menu? See inside for details, limited time offer!

Doesn’t pay to always look at the world through Chiefs-colored glasses. While these imported species are unfamiliar, that doesn’t mean they don’t have interesting things to offer the sophisticated palate. Taste the samples to find out.

None of these offerings should be mistaken for my own tastes, though I think there’s a hint of bitter caution in the flavor of the Lock pieces. Nothing alarming, but definitely something to keep a taste bud on. Please feel free to add your thoughts to the survey form provided below, thank you.

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06/25/2020 10:47 am

A couple of points about the Donkey videos.

First, the donkey defense is not loaded or top flight. (I dont remember exactly how they described it.) I’ll give them up front, olb, and safety but they did nothing to address their subpar ilb play that supposedly is crucial to Armpit Sniffing Fangio’s system. They also did not upgrade at cb. Basically lost an aging Chris Harris and gained a not so great looking bouye. They used a couple of 3rd round picks on defense but to expect them to flash right away especially with no offseason workouts is fools gold. Depth may be a concern on D for them.

Secondly, no matter how much they justify it it still smells fishy to me that the donkeys went from horrible as far as sacks to spectacular. Sounds like somebody needs to take some NFL licks. Also if he was looking so good under scangrello why did they fire him for a schurmur? Sounds dysfunctional to me.

06/24/2020 4:11 pm

This exotic sampler tastes like horse meat.

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