Science Saturday: Stirling Engines

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Who would have thought a football player was a scientist!

     The following videos are quite adequate to explain how this nifty little heat engine works, but when I noticed he was using water cooling for the cold side, it got me to thinking about that. You see, all a Stirling engine needs to run is a heat differential, so chilling one side works as well as heating the other, so presumably you get the most performance out of one by doing both.

That’s where water comes in, because what struck me is that the water from a reasonably deep well can be quite cold, so what if that became the coolant on one side, but a solar heat sink was the other? The sun shines hot, the water’s cold, so in theory, it’s possible to run a pump using the two in tandem. Granted, it might take a little extra to get it started once the sun’s up, maybe a little help with a reflector set, too, but it could provide an emissions-free way of pumping up water, if the math works.

That’s not to say it’d work everywhere, but considering there are settings that are much removed from power lines and fuel stations where you’d want to pump water from a well on a daily basis, I think it’s an interesting concept, at least.

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