Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings

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The official Arrowhead Guys NFL Power Rankings.


Tier 1: The Super Bowl Contenders


1: Kansas City Chiefs (Week 18: 3)
2: San Francisco 49ers (Week 18: 2)
3: Baltimore Ravens (Week 18: 1)

The Chiefs looked horrible for most of the 2023 regular season, but won the Super Bowl anyway. A big part of that was finally figuring out the receiver situation, with the key ended up being benching Toney, relying on Rice, and MVS finally giving just enough in key moments.

MVS is a free agent and seems unlikely to return, and Rice looks likely to be suspended for a large part of the year. To avoid a repeat of last year free agent signing Hollywood Brown and 1st round draft pick Xavier Worthy are going to have to be reliable options for Mahomes. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask, as Brown has been a competent receiver for a while now and Worthy looks to have enough talent to contribute immediately. If it wasn’t for Rice’s suspension I’d pencil Mahomes for MVP.

Tier 2: Playoff Teams


4: Houston Texans (Week 18: 13)

I was on the Texans bandwagon before most last year, and now with their strong season and acquiring Stefon Diggs everyone else is on the bandwagon too. And while I do like them (I have them at 4th afterall), I’d be a little cautious. They barely won the AFC South last year, and other than Diggs their offseason hasn’t been as impressive as people make it seem. 

They should make the playoffs, but there’s a reason they’re not in the Super Bowl Contenders tier.

5: Detroit Lions (Week 18: 4)
6: Cincinnati Bengals (Week 18: 14)
7: Los Angeles Chargers (Week 18: 31)

I’m a fan of Jim Harbaugh, especially when he first joins a team, which makes his hire in Los Angeles unfortunate. If it wasn’t for him there’s no way I’d rank the Chargers this highly after a poor season and losing their top receivers.

8: Miami Dolphins (Week 18: 7)
9: Dallas Cowboys (Week 18: 6)
10: Green Bay Packers (Week 18: 8)
11: Chicago Bears (Week 18: 21)

Even though I think Caleb Williams is an overrated prospect, he should still be decent at least, and the Bears have done a good job surrounding him with talent. Chicago might actually see a good NFL offense for the first time since who knows when.

12: New York Jets (Week 18: 16)
13: Arizona Cardinals (Week 18: 20)

The Cardinals, thanks to multiple trades back, had a monster draft this year. And they weren’t even that bad last year once Kyler Murray got healthy. They absolutely should expect to make the playoffs this year.

Tier 3: Meh

14: Buffalo Bills (Week 18: 5)

The Bills could be in for a very rough year in 2024. Like with the Texans people have focused on Diggs, but they really lost talent everywhere, with the talent they did keep being more by force than by choice in a lot of cases. They still have Josh Allen who should keep them from completely bottoming out, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they are drafting in the top 10 in 2025.

15: Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 18: 10)
16: New England Patriots (Week 18: 29)

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Patriots’ offseason, but I am a huge fan of Drake Maye. If Maye is as good as I think he is then the Patriots should at least be decent.

17: Seattle Seahawks (Week 18: 12)
18: Los Angeles Rams (Week 18: 15)
19: Indianapolis Colts (Week 18: 17)
20: Philadelphia Eagles (Week 18: 9)
21: Washington Commanders (Week 18: 30)

If Washington had drafted Maye they would be up a tier. They had a really nice offseason that would have been capped perfectly with a great young quarterback. Instead they drafted Jaelen Daniels, who I frankly wasn’t impressed by. It’s easy to look good when you’re throwing to the 6th and 23rd overall picks in college. 

22: Atlanta Falcons (Week 18: 22)
23: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 18: 18)
24: Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 18: 19)

I never liked the Kirk Cousins signing for the Falcons. Now with them drafting Penix 8th overall everybody else is suddenly on board as well. I wasn’t a fan of Penix as a 1st round prospect, but if the Falcons liked him that much they were absolutely right to draft him there. The problem is, and always has been, the Cousins contract. This pick just showed how ridiculous that signing was. 

Now instead of being in a great position to build a team around Penix, they’re going to be wasting time and money trotting out Cousins in the hope of losing in the first round of the playoffs every year.

Tier 4: The Less-Than-Good Teams


25: Cleveland Browns (Week 18: 11)

The Browns had a decent season last year, but the Texans eventually showed them why quarterback is so important. Now Watson’s contract has forced them to move on from Flacco and downgrade back to Watson, so I’m going predict them to have a down year.

26: New York Giants (Week 18: 23)
27: New Orleans Saints (Week 18: 24)
28: Minnesota Vikings (Week 18: 25)
29: Las Vegas Raiders (Week 18: 26)
30: Denver Broncos (Week 18: 27)
31: Tennessee Titans (Week 18: 28)

I wasn’t a fan of Will Levis as a prospect, with even being 33rd overall being a bit too high in the draft for my liking. But he actually wasn’t horrible last year as a rookie on a bad team. Sure, he wasn’t dominant or anything, but it was a solid rookie season that he can build on. While I still rank them low, I do have my eye on them as a potential dark horse if Levis takes a step.

Tier 5: The Terrible Teams

32: Carolina Panthers (Week 18: 32)

Bryce Young won’t be as bad as he was as a rookie. Or at least he shouldn’t be, given that the Panthers actually invested in the offense around him. But he was so bad last year that it’s hard to imagine him improving enough to make the Panthers any sort of real playoff contender.

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05/06/2024 12:57 pm

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05/06/2024 11:57 am

Pats will suck. Again.

Id move philly up. Firing matt patricia should gain them 5 spots.

Id move the steelers up. Russ is moving onto a team with a strong hc and a run first offense. Back to the system qb he always was.

05/06/2024 11:30 am

You have the Chiefs rated too low.
And don’t sleep on the Rams.

05/06/2024 11:19 am

Why are the ravens always considered a top tier team? Then the playoffs come and Lamar plays like an average (at best) QB. If he was a great QB he would play better in the playoffs, not worse.

Reply to  probablyamistake
05/06/2024 12:15 pm

Or Lamar gets injured … : (

05/06/2024 10:40 am

Bills LOWER than the Jets?

this HAS to be clickbait or something …

it should be interesting moving forward … I still wonder if there’s even a slight chance of MVS returning to KC (the Playoff MVS, that is)

Last edited 1 month ago by upamtn
Reply to  upamtn
05/06/2024 11:23 am

Excellent QB’s always give their team a chance (Allen). Houston is overrated. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they don’t make the playoffs

Last edited 1 month ago by probablyamistake
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