NFL, NFLPA reach settlement to suspend Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson for 11 games and receive $5 million fine

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as per report, Watson’s suspension is now 11 games with a $5M fine

This is going to change things just a little bit …


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08/19/2022 9:48 am

I don’t agree with his behavior or promote that lifestyle. But what exactly did he do wrong legally? Was he ever charged with anything by a prosecutor? I may be misinformed but from what I understand he slept with lots of women who didn’t object at the time but have now turned that into a payday from him in the form of civil lawsuits that were settled outside of court. Again I don’t like the guy or the Browns and think everyone involved is an idiot. It also doesn’t look good for the league, the Browns, or him.

08/18/2022 5:28 pm

Don’t get me wrong, because I think it should have been a ban for life. Ain’t no reason for the shit he pulled.

But, if I were a Coach/GM/PR person…

(I was kind of hoping for a Bills away game since they have their sweet potatoes and all. Unfortunately,..) week 12 is in BUCS vs CLE. Then week 13 is CLE vs HOU… (I’d bet HOU wants revenge.) Then week 14 against the Bengals. Then week 15 BAL vs CLE. I wouldn’t know when to start his ass.

I really think that 0-6 might be a possibility.

08/18/2022 2:58 pm

What a clueless organization. Wouldn’t bother me at all to see them lose every game this douchebag plays in.

08/18/2022 2:38 pm

Not enough. Not even close. A full year or GTFO.
My new wish – Browns 11-0 then 0-6 and miss the playoffs

08/18/2022 2:24 pm

Sounds like Deshaun threw in the towel.

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