Morning Huddle – Wednesday Huddle: Brought to You by Dolphin Tears

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for July 10, 2024

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Good morning, AG!

Today in Chiefs’ history, In 2017 the Chiefs hire Brett Veach as general manager.

Some other stuff may have happened.

1925 The Scopes Trial began in Dayton, Tennessee, with William Jennings Bryan arguing for the prosecution and Clarence Darrow for the defense.

1962 Swedish engineer Nils Bohlin was issued a U.S. patent for a three-point seatbelt for cars; a major safety innovation, it featured a strap that extended across the upper body in addition to a standard lap restraint. So far, no one has come forward to admit it was their idea for that infernal beeping noise when the belt isn’t fastened.

1965 British rock band the Rolling Stones topped U.S. charts for the first time with the single (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

1985 The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior was sunk by two bomb explosions while berthed in Auckland Harbour, New Zealand; it was later revealed that French intelligence agents had planted the explosives. Sacré bleu!

2015 Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, who garnered international acclaim for his roles in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Doctor Zhivago (1965), died at the age of 83.

2019 German automaker Volkswagen ended production of the Beetle, the first model of which had been introduced in 1938. Quatsch!

The news.

Tyreek Hill Opens up About Playoff Loss vs. Chiefs: ‘I Was Pissed’ | Heavy

“Not a lot of fast guys going to put in the same work that I’ve put in each and every day,” the wideout told the podcast. “Cause I love football. I’m passionate about it. I want to win. You know what I’m saying? I was born a winner. My whole entire life, I’ve been a winner. I hate losing.”

Chiefs WR Xavier Worthy’s Grand Proposal to Track Star Tia Jones [Video] | Heavy

The couple posted a video of the momentous occasion on Instagram. Worthy set up a massive heart made up of roses in between huge white block letters that read, “MARRY ME.” After Jones walked down a rose petal and candlelit aisle, Worthy, dressed in all white, got down on one knee and proposed with a massive diamond ring.

2024 Chiefs Re-Draft Provides Valuable Exercise in What Not to Care About | SI

In a new piece on Bleacher Report, author Matt Holder re-drafts the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft “after early offseason buzz.” This concept is flawed from the beginning — public “buzz” isn’t exactly behind-closed-doors intel — but the Chiefs’ re-draft logic is especially bankrupt.

Pre-Camp Breakdown: Looking at the Chiefs Offensive Line |

We’ll continue with the offensive line, where the Chiefs currently employ 15 players. Let’s take a look at each, separated by offensive tackles and interior linemen. Many of these players possess the versatility to handle either role, but for the sake of this breakdown, each player will be sorted into where they’ve been grouped so far this summer.

2024 Chiefs player profile: RB Isiah Pacheco | Chiefs Wire

The Kansas City Chiefs surprised some fans with their commitment to the ground game last season, and while Brett Veach’s investments at the wide receiver position indicate that the team is getting back to its pass-first roots, Andy Reid would be wise to continue leaning on starting running back Isiah Pacheco in 2024.

Chiefs QB Chris Oladokun reflects on being honored for role in the 2023 AFC Championship Game | Chiefs Wire

“Coach (Andy) Reid was like, ‘Hey, this has never been done before, but our Defensive Player of the Game,’” said Oladokun, “and he said my name and the defense was fired up for me. To have that validation, like, ‘We need you. You helped us win this game, and it is something I’ll never forget because I’m not waking up at 5:30 every morning for nothing. I’m valuable to this team.”

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07/10/2024 9:11 am

Great Huddle for the dead period how many days until camp now?

Reply to  ArrowFan
07/10/2024 9:14 am

If my math is correct…

comment image

Reply to  Nasrani
07/10/2024 11:14 am

I believe that’s for full team. Yesterday, the Chiefs tweeted (X’d?) that training camp is a week away.

Reply to  kcfreak725
07/10/2024 11:32 am

Good to know, since I expect now that my Saturday Huddle (such that it is) may finally include actual, tangible Chiefs news.

07/10/2024 8:34 am


Reply to  Warpath
07/10/2024 8:36 am

comment image

07/10/2024 8:34 am

In other news, Nikola Tesla – neither the band nor the brand – was born today in 1856.

07/10/2024 7:24 am

That breakdown of the Chiefs OL group is helpful. Niang is hanging around, he’s lasted longer than Kinnard – that tendon injury sure put a damper on his pro start but he could be a valuable piece. On the whole (with the wait-and-see at LT) this looks to be a solid position group.

07/10/2024 6:53 am

Happy hump day. Beryl has brought rain up to south&central Ontario, supposed to keep going for the next day or so.

Reply to  larch
07/10/2024 7:20 am

Rip is jealous!

Reply to  probablyamistake
07/10/2024 7:26 am

Indeed, he commented that Beryl had taken a sharp right turn (in Albuquerque?) and passed by Austin area.

Team Player
Reply to  larch
07/10/2024 7:29 am

Albuquerque is famous for wrong left turns.

Reply to  Team Player
07/10/2024 7:30 am

Nyaaaaah: what’s up Doc?

Reply to  larch
07/10/2024 7:32 am

I’m glad I didn’t grow up having to learn how to spell my hometown’s name of Albu… With Montreal the only priblem was do you include the accent over the e and is it é or è.

Last edited 4 days ago by larch
Reply to  probablyamistake
07/10/2024 8:17 am

What !!!!!! Calling bullshit on that one, not one sprinkle here… damn you…..😀

Reply to  probablyamistake
07/10/2024 2:06 pm

So am I. Hasn’t rained since April here.

Reply to  larch
07/10/2024 8:20 am

Niece on summer vacation in Colorado, something happened and she’s in the hospital, not sure what’s up yet. But my aunt was in a hurry, scrambling around down here trying to get to the airport Last night, The dog accidentally got out the front door and got ran over by a car…
She’s having a horrible time… find out more info later..

Reply to  rip58
07/10/2024 8:30 am

wow. that’s having a bad day

Reply to  rip58
07/10/2024 8:43 am


Reply to  rip58
07/10/2024 8:58 am

Sad news. Hope you’re niece will be okay.

Reply to  rip58
07/10/2024 9:24 am

Wow. Rough start to the day.

Hope that all involved are and will be okay.

Reply to  rip58
07/10/2024 12:20 pm

awwwwwwwwwwww no! no no no no no …

Reply to  rip58
07/10/2024 2:07 pm

Oh man, that’s terrible. I’ll say a quick prayer for your family.

Reply to  larch
07/10/2024 8:31 am

I think that’s what came through our area and dumped a few inches

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