Morning Huddle – Thursday

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for Jan 19, 2023

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Good morning, AG!

Today in Chiefs history, all we have at the moment is a Steve DeBerg birthday. Born in 1946. Edit: how quickly we forget. 2019, Titans @ Arrowhead. Come from behind, and we punch our ticket to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years.

Elsewhere, we start with a couple of deaths. 2013, Stan “The Man” Musial dies at 92. 2000, Austrian-born actress Hedy Lamarr, who was often typecast as a provocative femme fatale and later achieved recognition as a noted inventor of a radio communications device, dies in Florida.

1977: U.S. President Gerald Ford pardoned Iva Toguri D’Aquino (Tokyo Rose), a Japanese-American broadcaster from Japan to U.S. troops during World War II, who, after the war, was convicted of treason and served six years in a U.S. prison; mitigating information later raised questions about her guilt.

1955: U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower held the first-ever televised presidential press conference.

And let’s end with a couple of birthdays. Dolly Parton in 1946, and Janice Joplin in 1943. That’s right. Janice was older than Dolly. See what dying young will do for you?

On to the news…

Chiefs Kingdom still has more to prove, according to Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence |

“I can’t imagine (Arrowhead) will be much louder than our fans were here on Saturday, honestly,” Lawrence told media members in Jacksonville Wednesday. ED: Challenge accepted.

Frank Clark still limited in practice, but there’s a silver lining | Clutchpoints

“Even though #chiefs pass rusher Frank Clark (groin) was limited again today, he did more than he did yesterday in practice and looked like he was moving well in the portion of practice we were able to watch.”

Josh Allen on Chiefs rematch: ‘They’re about to see a different Josh’ | Jagswire

Jacksonville Jaguars pass rusher Josh Allen has found his form. The defensive team captain has recorded a sack in four of his last six games with 13 quarterback hits over that stretch.

Chiefs P Tommy Townsend Trolls Critics After All-Pro Nomination | Heavy

Kansas City Chiefs punter has received quite a bit of criticism this season, which is why he was happy to troll his critics after being named an All-Pro for the first time in his career by the Associated Press.

Palmer: Chiefs ‘want to put the game on Trevor Lawrence’s shoulders’ this Saturday |

Biggest vulnerability for eight remaining NFL playoff teams; plus, updated Super Bowl LVII probabilities |

NFL franchises use contextualized data to create competitive advantages. In order to realize an edge, teams need to employ the right data in the right way at the right time. This means distilling, interpreting and applying only the most influential data in a framework that accounts for personnel, opponents and evolving game situations. My goal is to be your analytics department. Each week this season, I want to work for you by giving you a peek into which numbers flag in my models as the most impactful … or the most misunderstood.

Kansas City Chiefs Free Agents 2023 |

What must Kansas City do this offseason to keep its status as the AFC’s top dog? Let’s take a closer look at the full list of Chiefs free agents for 2023.

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01/19/2023 12:40 pm

As of right now, you can still get a nosebleed section seat for Saturday’s playoff game for a mere $107 on Seatgeek.

01/19/2023 12:06 pm

Cowboys-49ers rivalry set for record-tying 9th playoff game

… few rivalries have had as many big games or star players such as Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Steve Young, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin

Last edited 1 year ago by upamtn
Reply to  upamtn
01/19/2023 12:10 pm

Chiefs fans know this as well as anyone, and THANK YOU Andy Reid

Analysis: Right coach can turn around a franchise quickly

Reply to  upamtn
01/19/2023 12:34 pm

Can’t forget this play:

“The Catch,” Montana to Dwight Clark. And once again, confound you NFL and your prevention of embedding.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nasrani
01/19/2023 10:50 am

good stuff, Nova

01/19/2023 9:38 am

Gold Coast woman Shannen Michaela sets foot archery world record

01/19/2023 8:59 am

Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence says he ‘can’t imagine’ Arrowhead Stadium being louder than Jacksonville ahead of Chiefs playoff game.

Reply to  gonzangkc11
01/19/2023 9:01 am

Trevor (aka: sunshine) has lost his mind lol

Reply to  gonzangkc11
01/19/2023 10:48 am

yO mAMA!

01/19/2023 8:47 am

The weather is looking interesting for saturday

Reply to  NovaChiefs
01/19/2023 11:34 am

More detail than is saw. I just frozen mix. Probably favors the team not based in Florida.

Severely Concussed
01/19/2023 7:26 am

The Sea of Red is officially going to Germany.

Reply to  Severely Concussed
01/19/2023 7:42 am

Hopefully Munich and not Frankfurt. Have they said that they’re doing the same locations as last year? I hear Berlin is cool too.

Reply to  Severely Concussed
01/19/2023 7:44 am
01/19/2023 6:04 am

i hope the kingdom shows Trevor what 142 db feels like

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Reply to  vvet818
01/19/2023 6:20 am

Reply to  vvet818
01/19/2023 9:09 am

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Reply to  Nasrani
01/19/2023 9:33 am

that’s the one i wanted but couldn’t remember where it was, thanks
👍 👍 👍

Last edited 1 year ago by vvet818
Reply to  Nasrani
01/19/2023 12:27 pm

Rock Guitar GIF by Back to the Future Trilogy - Find & Share on GIPHY

Reply to  probablyamistake
01/19/2023 5:56 pm

you win!

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01/19/2023 5:49 am

Happy Thursday Coffee
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