Morning Huddle – RED Friday, AFCCG Edition

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for Jan 27, 2023

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Good morning, AG!

Today in Chiefs history, in 1993, the LA TIMES, looking for something to write about Super Bowl XXVII, ran this article about Jerrel Wilson and SB IV – Yeah, I got nothing right now.

Elsewhere, in 1973, the Vietnam War ended.

1967: During a simulation of a launch, U.S. astronauts Virgil I. Grissom, Edward H. White, and Roger B. Chaffee perished in a fire aboard Apollo 1.

1945: The Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz, Poland, was liberated by Soviet troops.

1880: American inventor Thomas Edison patented the incandescent lamp.

And in 1832: Mathematician and novelist Lewis Carroll, best remembered for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass (1871), was born in Daresbury, Cheshire, England. And so was one particular cat. (SWIDT?)

Anyway, on to the Arrowhead Invitational weekend news…

Here’s what could give Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes the most trouble with his ankle injury | KCStar via Yahoo

The quarterback who will soon win his second NFL MVP award operates outside the position’s intended residence more frequently than any other quarterback in the league. By a wide margin. He’s better at it than the rest of them too. By a wide margin. That’s all to say that the out-of-the-pocket, off-script, spur-of-the-moment brilliance is a significant part of what makes Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes unlike the other guys. And it’s the part we can’t be certain we’ll see Sunday.

Lessons the Chiefs Can Take Into Sunday’s Game Against Bengals | The News Tribune

The fourth time that the Chiefs and Bengals will be facing off in the last 13 months presents a massive chance for KC to prove the doubters wrong.

Jerick McKinnon wins NFL’s Way to Play award for Week 20 for his block vs. Oluokun | NFL.COM

Chiefs RB Jerick McKinnon’s ‘little man syndrome’ inspires his pass protection |

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jerick McKinnon has had a positive impact on the team in more ways than one.

Patrick Mahomes Is Getting Advice From A Legend | The Cold Wire

Mahomes finished the game despite the injury, and he said he had a productive conversation with Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal-caller Tom Brady afterward.

Report: Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy “Very Much in Running” for Colts Head Coaching Opening | Stampede Blue

Eric Bieniemy appears poised to be another finalist for the Colts, potentially interviewing for a second time next week.

NFL executive believes retirement could be on Andy Reid’s mind | Yardbarker

The Kansas City Chiefs are just one win away from playing in their third Super Bowl in the last four seasons, and ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler says sources have hinted to him a second Super Bowl win could be the last hurrah for head coach Andy Reid.

Now, our Lost and Found dept…

Chiefs fan helped Travis Kelce get back a special football he threw in stands Saturday | KCStar via Yahoo

Chiefs quarterback Chad Henne has been in the NFL for 14 seasons, but he had a career first Saturday in Kansas City’s 27-20 Divisional playoff win over the Jaguars.

Chiefs fan praised for returning authentic gear accidentally delivered to business |

A group of Kansas City Chiefs fans is being praised for doing the right thing after returning a box filled with items used by running back Isiah Pacheco and backup quarterback Chad Henne during Saturday’s AFC Divisional playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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01/27/2023 5:46 pm

Happy Birthday Toney!

01/27/2023 3:05 pm

Episode 12:

tons of Chiefs leadership from players & coaching.One of coaches tells the defensive backs: WE ARE A BROTHERHOOD!!!You can FEEL the Chiefs energy – thru the video!!! Can only image players on the sideline & field!!!15 has Michael Jordan KILLER DNA!! Willing himself on a f*cked up ankle!!!15 what a leader – his post-game speech to locker room!.I’m re-amp’d up — headed back to gym today (4am & going back NOW)!!!!

Last edited 4 months ago by gonzangkc11
01/27/2023 2:34 pm

Break open your piggy bank

Tix prices just FELL UNDER $200

prices will probably continue to fall….

01/27/2023 2:19 pm

Steams LIVE in 10 minutes: Episode 12!!!

Reply to  gonzangkc11
01/27/2023 2:51 pm

OUTSTANDING video, so far!!!

You hear Patrick YELLING: no x-ray, I’ll do it at half time.

01/27/2023 12:25 pm

CINN – starting LT & RG

Last edited 4 months ago by gonzangkc11
Reply to  gonzangkc11
01/27/2023 12:38 pm

Bills ranked 23rd in total number of sacks

Chiefs rank 2nd
Chris Jones is overdue for a HUGE playoff sack day!!

01/27/2023 10:47 am

well done MH, Nova … I’m a disappear with a smile

Reply to  NovaChiefs
01/27/2023 2:44 pm

LOL I was wondering that too.

01/27/2023 8:49 am

MORNING GUYS! Great weekend ahead. Rematch of all times. Bengals are a good team, but you know who I’m backing! With this, I present my latest song parody – “Enter Kingdom” (to Metallica, “Enter Sandman”).

Please read, rate, comment on the link, share. And as always… GO CHIEFS!

01/27/2023 8:36 am

If I was good at creating Gif’s there is an R rated one titled BurrowHead that would be quite funny but totally gay.

01/27/2023 8:26 am


Game Entertainment
United States Navy Veteran Generald Wilson will sing the national anthem.
While the Kansas City Fire Department will present the colors.
The flyover will be conducted by FOUR…. T-38s from Whiteman Air Force Base.
There will be a halftime performance by American rapper Fat Joe.
Have a LEN DAWSON & DERRICK THOMAS jerseys packed for….

We attempt to BREAK the 142.2 WORLD RECORD for loudest stadium IN THE WORLD 🌎

Reply to  gonzangkc11
01/27/2023 1:00 pm

T-38’s??? I was hoping for something with teeth.

Reply to  MasterChief
01/27/2023 1:28 pm

You rang?

comment image

zulu trader
01/27/2023 8:20 am
01/27/2023 8:19 am

I’m getting more and more confident as game day approaches. Look for the chiefs to score at least 27 this game. It’s what our offense does. I do think that the bungholes stick around and make it fairly close but in the end the good guys prevail rather comfortably. Chiefs are 8-1 at home this year. Home field advantage is alive and well this year in the conference championship games. Prediction, chiefs score late 4th quarter TD on a longish McKinnon screen pass to make tge final score 34-24.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
01/27/2023 8:23 am

Look for a Kelce Brothers storyline in the SB. 49ers are 5-3 on the road this year. Losing to really shitty ass teams in Denver, Atlanta and Chicago. Flying west coast to east coast, look for Hurts to put the hurt on the 49ers “#1” defense whose ranking is built on playing crappy teams all year (with the exception of your kansas city chiefs who put the beat down on them). Final prediction 30-13 Eagles.

zulu trader
01/27/2023 8:14 am

The QB battle that unlocked Patrick Mahomes

THE SUMMER BEFORE SEVENTH GRADE, Patrick Mahomes got summoned to the Whitehouse High School football field for a special workout . . .

A really good read!

zulu trader
01/27/2023 8:07 am
zulu trader
01/27/2023 8:06 am
zulu trader
01/27/2023 8:01 am

James Palmer

Keeping an eye on the Bengals’ offensive line injury status. Jonah Williams and Alex Cappa DNP again today. Not a great sign for Sunday.

zulu trader
Reply to  zulu trader
01/27/2023 8:03 am

Ian Rapoport

An injury to watch: #Bengals TE Hayden Hurst was listed as limited in today’s practice because of a calf injury.

zulu trader
01/27/2023 7:56 am


How PFF has graded the Bengals & Chiefs this season (including playoffs)

KC: 3rd
CIN: 6th

KC: 1st
CIN: 6th

KC: 2nd
CIN: 1st

KC: 2nd
CIN: 7th

Pass Blocking
KC: 7th
CIN: 31st

Run Blocking
KC: 5th
CIN: 21st

KC: 21st
CIN: 12th

zulu trader
Reply to  zulu trader
01/27/2023 7:57 am

They failed to “grade” Arrowhead

comment image

Reply to  zulu trader
01/27/2023 8:51 am

Bengals at 31st in pass blocking is definitely good news.

zulu trader
01/27/2023 7:47 am

Next Gen Stats
comment image

The AFC Championship will feature a strength vs strength matchup between the Chiefs offense & the Bengals defense in the quick game (under 2.5 seconds).

Success Rate on Quick Passes (2022):

Mahomes: 58.4% (1st)
Bengals Defense: 55.2% (2nd)

zulu trader
Reply to  zulu trader
01/27/2023 8:00 am

Next Gen Stats
comment image

The Bengals defense forced opposing offenses into difficult throws this season, allowing the lowest expected completion percentage in the NFL (60.1%). Patrick Mahomes averaged a 67.2% expected completion percentage this season (6th-highest in NFL).

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