“Man Time” Monday

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Arrowhead Guys weekly post dedicated to the ways we enjoy our free time.

Of all people to completely overlook a prime innuendo, “Me Time” Mondays was ripe for the picking. So back to “Man Time” it is. Obviously this has nothing to do with being exclusive to men, it just happens to be phonetically pleasing. If anyone is offended, please remember the URL you typed to get here.

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AG Needs You!

Look, there’s only so many things I can write about that I used to enjoy doing before this website. I’m guessing our readership has some amazingly interesting hobbies that fellow members would enjoy hearing about. If you have an interesting hobby let me know, we want to share your story.

Welcome back to the 2020 series of Man Time Monday, where we all go back to work and reminiscing about the weekend that just was. We’ll see how the series does this year, as my weekends have been a whole lot busier lately, so scroll back up to the previous paragraph and if you have an interesting weekend to share, hit me up with some tweets to use from time to time.

Why You So Busy, Tony?

The big boss man has his hands full with life, so you’re down to me. Life and family come first around these here parts, pardner.

The BRaG Bonus:

Welp, all my hobby plans for the summer have fallen by the wayside, as I’ve been putting my energy into more important things, but there are still plenty of people pursuing hobbies themselves, and here’s an assortment of examples for y’all.

Smithing might not be a job as common as the name derived from it, but there’s still call for it, and I have a serious soft spot for those who re-purpose things they have lying around into something useful. Maybe once things calm down more I’ll have the time, but for right now my hands are too full with other things. Does anyone here have hobbies they like? If so, discuss them in the comments, or whatever else comes to mind. Consider this your afternoon mini-open-thread. Cheers!

What hobby did you spend time on this weekend?

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08/10/2020 3:29 pm

here ya go, folks … NEW CONTENT! good lil story on Mahomes (why yes, he IS having a fabulous 2020!)
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08/10/2020 3:20 pm

Looks like Okafor took a pay cut with his upside being he hits the open market next year, rather than still being under a non-guaranteed contract. Looks like a smart deal for both sides.

08/10/2020 2:12 pm

Yeah, for men 😁

 it just happens to be phonetically pleasing.

Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
08/10/2020 3:05 pm

Good old dial up.. I still miss the you got mail …

Reply to  rip58lovealways
08/10/2020 4:24 pm

My primary email is still @aol.
I will not be shamed.
I am ashamed that I paid for it for 14 months after it became free 🙁

Last edited 1 month ago by pompano
Reply to  pompano
08/10/2020 4:33 pm

That’s just shameful 😊

Reply to  rip58lovealways
08/10/2020 5:17 pm

i’ve come to terms with it

Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
08/11/2020 2:49 pm

Yeah, as an owner of a solar peer setup for my home, tech spec is on my radar. Also because there is a push to construct and activate a pump water power plant in our area. The idea is to pump water uphill into a reservoir from Georgian Bay using low rate/time power then transmitting during high rate/time need to the big smoke south of us along transmission corridors TBD. Sounds like a shell bean game to me. NIMBY you say? Nah, just leery of good effort wasted on antiquated thinking.

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