Lockdown of the Town Part 2

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Welcome to another edition of Lockdown of the Town! I bring you this article with a bit of reluctance, seeing as how there’s absolutely no sports to watch. As we all wait for a sense of normalcy to return, let’s talk about what’s happening in the meantime.

City Wide Shutdown

With the Metro’s continued effort to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, residents of Jackson, Clay, Platte and Kansas City counties in Missouri, as well as Johnson, Wyandotte, and Leavenworth counties in Kansas have been ordered to stay at home for 30 days beginning on Tuesday March 24th.

People may only leave their homes for essentials or to perform essential services. Basically, you’re only allowed to leave home for food, medical supplies, or to visit medical professionals.

Essential services such as laundromats, grocery stores, banks, gas stations, educational institutions, and restaurants offering take out are deemed as acceptable.

I currently work for the Park Hill School District and continue to go in to help make meals for children and families who need assistance. It could be 500 kids or one, it makes no difference to me as long as I can feel like I’m helping someone in this difficult time. Are any of my fellow people out there in the Kingdom still working? Let us know in the comments.

Cabin Fever

As the days of quarantining turn into weeks, many of us are finding the boredom and lack of usefulness hard to shake. What may have seemed like a nice few days to relax, watch TV, and play video games has become almost unbearable. It’s safe to say many of us are losing our minds at this point.

There’s been many creative and funny ways folks have tried to cure the Cabin Fever. Our favorite sportscaster personality Joe Buck ( I say this with tongue in cheek), has taken to twitter to ask people to send their in-home videos and he will announce them. Looking for some practice reps I see, Mr. Buck? You’re going to need them.

A recent Facebook group has really taken off in the midst of the madness; Quarantine Beer Chugs. The group has 137 thousand members and counting, and showcases many Kansas Citians doing exactly what you’d think, chugging beer among many other alcoholic beverages.

The group serves as a great way for all of us to connect with each other despite being confined to our homes. Something so simple yet ingenious, can help one another not feel so alone during this city-wide lockdown. It’s also nice to see people come together, even if it is over just drinks.


The free agency market has been going crazy in every sports town expect Kansas City. It’s lacked any real excitement. It’s understandable, considering we just came off a Super Bowl win and don’t have a lot of salary cap to play around with.

One interesting signing did happen today however, when the Kansas City Chiefs signed XFL quarterback Jordan Ta’amu of the St. Louis Battlehawks. Ta’amu threw for 1,050 yards and five touchdowns in the XFL’s short-lived season. He also added 217 rushing yards, leading the Battlehawks to a 3-2 record.

Embed from Getty Images

This signing comes on the heels of another quarterback signing. P.J. Walker of the Houston Roughnecks signed with the Carolina Panthers. It seems despite the shortened stint in the XFL, some of these players are being given a chance to prove themselves in the NFL.

That’s all for now! I hope all of you in Chiefs Kingdom stay safe out there. Remember, common sense prevails!

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03/24/2020 9:22 pm

I think we all knew that the Chiefs winning the Superbowl was the sign of the end times. “And as I saw the breaking of the first seal, a sea of red was released upon the Earth, and a giant coolaid man hefted the Lombardi trophy”. I’m pretty sure thats in the bible.

03/24/2020 3:27 pm

Anchorage, AK is in lock down, or as the Mayor calls it – “Hunker Down Mode”. All non-essential businesses are closed. I’m in sales for a hotel, so I have been able to work from home last week and this week. Hotels are considered “Essential” so we are still open, but have been forced to reduce staffing greatly. Typically this time of year our occupancy is in the high 60%-70% and during the summer its 90%+ daily. With new travel restrictions and the Cruise Industry collapsing (although temporarily), my hotel is forecasting less that 15% occupancy during the summer. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue lost. I am just happy to still have a job for the time being. It’s week to week for me currently. We are happy to house traveling professionals, such as doctors, nurses, military/government workers that have to be here for the Outbreak Response! We are here to help as best we can!

03/24/2020 1:41 pm

Update from Mrs BRaG; while it’s too soon to call this definitive, but there are there as a few indicators that China and Italy may be stabilizing their epidemics. Doesn’t mean they’ve solved them, but keeping the progression more stable’s the first step in that direction and a helluva lot better than it continuing to seemingly spin out of control.

Containment measures won’t fix it, but they buy time by saving lives until we figure out things that can stop and prevent it, such as vaccines. And with that in mind and tongue firmly planted in cheek I’ll add as a preventative measure to protect your grandparents and children, slap an anti-vaxxer today. You love them, don’t you? 😉

More seriously, this outbreak is a blatant demonstration that their claim that vaccines don’t work and it’s all sanitation and hygiene are absolutely false. As a nation we are probably doing as much of that as currently possible and all we’re doing is slowing the spread, not stopping it. We need to stop respecting that opinion, or even politely accepting it. This conspiracy theory group has made things worse for this because of all the false information they’ve been spreading, which interferes with folks’ understanding of what’s going on. That endangers others during an outbreak, so IMO they deserve to be sneered at and mocked widely rather than coddling their feewings.

Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
03/24/2020 3:00 pm

IMO they deserve to be sneered at and mocked widely rather than coddling their feewings

comment image

03/24/2020 12:00 pm

Working from home for over a week now out here in CA.

03/24/2020 9:05 am

So in Topeka, so not yet locked down, but work in Food manufacturing, so no lock down period. But work for a good company, they’re giving us a bonus for having to be out and about and taking the extra risks. Prayers for all of you under lock down. Know that we’re thinking about you.

Reply to  VChiefsFan
03/24/2020 12:01 pm

Prayers for the people NOT in lockdown! And thank you and all other essential service workers!!!

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