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Andrew Wylie was born on August 19, 1994, in Hemlock, Michigan.  His father, Scott Wylie owned Morningstar Farm, where he worked growing up planting Christmas trees.  His Dad feels that his son took up sports as a way to get out of chores.  He attended Midland High School and was getting attention from numerous Big Ten schools.  That changed his senior year when he lost 60 pounds in six months.  He was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, which attacks the thyroid gland.  This scared the division I schools away, and finally Eastern Michigan took a chance on him.

He overcame the disease around Christmas of his senior year and then hit the weight room hard to rebuild his body.  He was undrafted coming out of college, so he did the undrafted free agent circuit, going from Indianapolis to Cleveland and to the Chargers.  He was released by all three teams.  Neither he nor his dad wanted to give up.  They had decided to give it three years to make something happen.

His Dad remembers driving him to the Ravens training camp, and picking him up the same day.  Finally, the Chiefs added him to their practice squad in 2017.  The next year, he played all 16 games and was awarded the Mack Lee Hill Award.

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12/06/2021 5:09 pm

This doesn’t make it any easier to want him replaced.

Reply to  hoosierchief
12/07/2021 3:28 pm

True that. Although, it is all relative. 99.9999% of us would’ve just taken up the Christmas tree business, or joined the army, or angled for any other ol’ job that came along without ever being able to entertain the possibility of a thought of ever maybe having a ghost of a chance to even try out for any NFL team.

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