Joe Thuney Being Out Could Be A Big Problem

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The 2022 Eagles, who lost to the Chiefs in Super Bowl 57, Had a near-NFL record 70 sacks, way more than anybody else in recent NFL history (the next closest since I’ve been watching football were the 2006 Chargers with 61). One of the players leading that charge was Javon Hargrave, who tallied 11 sacks from his interior lineman position.

That is a great number from a defensive tackle. To put it into perspective, none of the 4 All Pro defensive tackles this year had 11 sacks.

By a funny coincidence, Hargrave is playing in his 2nd straight Super Bowl against the Chiefs, this time as a 49ers. A coincidence that becomes less funny when you see the news that our All Pro defensive tackle Joe Thuney is unlikely to be the one trying to slow Hargrave down because of injury.

When the Chiefs offense is on the field this was already going to be a key matchup. The 49ers don’t have a very good secondary, so if they can’t get pressure Mahomes will tear them apart. However, if they do get pressure then they could find success even against Mahomes, as we saw in Super Bowl 55 against Tampa Bay.

Let’s hope and pray that Thuney is good to go.

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02/09/2024 11:08 am

Having Thuney would be great but looks like he is out. From the reports I heard Algretti did a good job in the championship game

02/08/2024 3:52 pm

Steve Wilks. Thats why we win Sunday.

02/08/2024 3:08 pm

I will begin worrying when we lose 4 starting OL, then we would be in a similar situation as the Tampa Super Bowl was.

02/08/2024 1:53 pm

IWonder None Of The Media Has Even Broached PM15’s Record At Arrowhead West
TGO Is 4-0
1254 Passing Yards
10 TD’s

; )

Reply to  KCChef
02/08/2024 1:54 pm

Similarly :

Patrick Mahomes’ stats when playing in domes:
Record: 11-0
Passing yards: 3,327
Touchdowns: 26
Interceptions: 2

: )

Reply to  KCChef
02/08/2024 4:51 pm

Nope. Lost in Indy when Jones got mouthy

02/08/2024 1:21 pm

To clarify. That was 11 sacks LAST year. He had a more mundane but not bad 7 sacks this year.

All pro Bosa only tallied 10.5 on the year. Which is far below what you would expect from how he is talked about.

Remember too how many sacks that all world pass tallied against us last super bowl. And that was with worse OTs, imo.

Team Player
02/08/2024 12:28 pm

Wait, what?!?

Losing an all-pro could be bad?

02/08/2024 11:33 am

Chiefs win SB58 with EASE

10+ points or more…maybe win by a BLOWOUT

02/08/2024 10:54 am

I trust Nick

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/08/2024 11:31 am

Me too. He’s a seasoned veteran and knows the system very well. It’s not like we’re tossing in a rookie who isn’t ready to start a game. Plus he’s pretty decent in the run game.

Reply to  MasterChief
02/08/2024 1:29 pm

IMO he played very well in the first half against BAL. Dropped off a bit in the second half and ‘lost’ once or twice, but they were never disastrous instant losses.

02/08/2024 10:33 am

hoo boy … it’s all about to get real

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