Is McAfee right?

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I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and I saw a newish post from Pat McAfee entitled “Is this the Beginning of the Chiefs Downfall”.  Even though the title is a bit click baity which makes me NOT want to watch it, I naturally dove in cuz ALL THINGS CHIEFS is a personal mantra.  Also I like  Pat, I thing he’s  a funny/good dude as well as he has  uniquie perspective that I enjoy. Anyways, he brings up a few points in this short clip about the Chiefs… oh hell, just watch it.

Anyways… he eludes to the fact the Chiefs are going to be tight on money, which happens when you draft and acquire star talent. But the main source of contention here is Chris Jones. Jones wants 20-21 million a year which is no small amount of money… the issue isn’t whether we pay him 20+ a year or not. Obviously, the Chiefs shouldn’t want to lose Chris Jones, hes a stud. But the real issue I see is that McAfee might be right, but for a slightly different reason. What if running low on cash and not paying Jones 20+ million a year causes a rift in the team. This team is a tight knit group, a family of sorts, and Chris is team/ fan favorite due to his personality. The dude is flat out a hoot.  Watch this interview with Chris about post SB win, I love this dude.

Back to what I’m saying, the team might, as a whole take a step back due to this kind of situation. It’s easy to say, “yeah the Chiefs aren’t as good with Chris Jones on defense” but what if he brings more than just studly play to the field? It’s safe to say that he does right? Chris seems like one of those guys you just don’t let go of unless you absolutely have to. In fact, I haven’t seen one person saying anything negative about Chris Jones from a personality perspective.
Last weeks tweet from him saying he wouldn’t play this year kinda stings a bit. I feel the COVID nonsense has made the relationship between him and the FO sour a bit. And maybe it was already a little soured…I mean, one could argue that Jones has the right to be a little miffed about Clark getting HIS money.
Obviously with Mahomes at the helm the team will never “in the downfall” but without having the very talented and very lovable Chris Jones around the team won’t be better for it. I guess my fear is that this turns into a Aaron Rodgers situation. Where the FO can’t field a team around the ubber talented Mahomes and they fizzle out every year. I know the scenarios aren’t the same but they aren’t that far apart…
Is McAfee right? Am I losing it?
Someone hold me.

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07/06/2020 2:07 pm

I love CJs personality and game wrecking ability. But once we got PM2, we became a team that would have to rely on drafting young talent and being stingy on signing long term players. I’d love to keep him but if he prices himself out of our comfort zone, then he has to go. All I ask is that we get something for him.

07/06/2020 12:23 pm

I guess my fear is that this turns into a Aaron Rodgers situation. Where the FO can’t field a team around the uber talented Mahomes and they fizzle out every year.

Not to say that the general point is incorrect, but this team certainly has things that Aaron Rodgers never did. For starters, a HOF head coach. For another, a legitimately talented group of position players that are good all the time, not just during an extremely lucky wildcard-to-Super Bowl run like the 2010 Packers.

As much as the talent around Mahomes could be a potential concern (though the current FO seems to be willing to focus on offense, so it’s not really a concern for me today), the fact that the majority of the core on offense are already signed for the next few years is reassuring. CEH will obviously be signed until at least 2025. Hill and Hardman are under contract until 2023. Kelce is signed until 2022. The more immediate upcoming concern IMO is OL, with Fisher and Schwartz expiring in 2022 and the other three current starters in 2021, but we hopefully will address replenishing that group in the draft.

07/06/2020 12:18 pm

it’s all gonna be just fine … with or without Jones (hopefully with, but hey: nobody outside of PM2 is worth $20M (and I’m not so sure even HE should make that much money (yes, it’s a paltry sum compared to the 30-40 he WILL be getting, but still) … salaries are getting so out of hand it’s ridicu;ous)

the fact that all this is going on during a pandemic, during a time of rampant unemployment, major job losses, millions and millions with no income and many of those with no hope for the future right now … well, it is NOT a “good look” for CJ to even whine at all about a coupla million (considering he WILL get 16 if he signs on the bottom line)

is it “fair” that poor CJ is ONLY getting $16M on the tag? maybe not, but so it goes … Man Up, CJ: sign it and let’s get on with things

(my 2 cents)

Reply to  01lowbird
07/06/2020 12:49 pm

No one that goes into a negotiation will put out their bottom line right away. They ask for more to bring up the final amount as much as possible and then sign.

At least that’s what I’m hoping is going on. I hope they do come together somewhere between 16 and 20.

07/06/2020 12:12 pm

I don’t disagree with what he is saying. I am wondering how much not knowing 1) if there will be an NFL season this year and 2) what the salary cap is going to be since TV deals aren’t done has been affecting contract talks.

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