Into The Afternight: Our 3rd Shift O/T

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If you’re still up and want to talk Chiefs, or just hang with fellow citizens of the Kingdom, this is the place.

Science again, of the weaponlike sort.

Pretty impressive what they can do with water and compressed air. I wonder how using a single type of gas would affect them, especially when compared to each other. Not as silly as it seems, given that nitrogen and CO2 are widely available, as such things go. Does a high atomic weight give different results than a low one? Questions, I haz them.

With that, time’s yours.

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Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
04/29/2021 1:51 am

I’m thinking the Chiefs are gonna go defense this draft. Like most in my life I’ll let the pros handle the decisions, they know better than I. Also thanks for all you guys do for AG. I don’t always post but I give daily clicks.

Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
04/29/2021 1:30 am

I never did it but I think that’s the album you start on the third tigers roar for the wizard of Ozz.

Reply to  AndyReidStach
04/29/2021 1:31 am

the album supposedly follows the theatrics of the movie.

Reply to  AndyReidStach
04/29/2021 3:49 pm

Dark Side of the Moon….and yes, it totally works. My favorite part is when Dorothy is opening the door from Black and White to color as she enters Oz. As soon as the door starts opening, you hear the change dropping noise from the song “Money” By the time the door is fully open, you get the sweet guitar/bass riff….goosebumps. Psychedelic’s help…or so I hear.

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