How did we get here? Game 9: Jacksonville. Finally, someone who stunk last year.

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Nova’s a masochist, and he’s reviewing the season so you don’t have to. Come check it.

Because I am just a drag on society (retired. Mostly, anyway) and have some time on my hands, I am going to try to re-watch the season. Yes, even the ones we lost. So take a trip back with me, and let’s remind ourselves of how we got to the SB in a “retooling” year.

These aren’t meant to be in-depth or a play by play, position breakdown. Just a quick reminder of the games past. Don’t come at me if I can’t get to all of them.

Game 9: Jacksonville @ KC

Finally, after 8 games against teams with winning records last year, we get to play one that didn’t. Hardman is out, and will be, as it turns out, until the AFCCG.

The Chiefs win the toss, and Jacksonville, those bastards, do an onside kick. Worse, they recover it at their own 45. They proceed to get to the KC 39 before a dropped pass (a beauty that had to be caught) and a batted pass by Furious G stopped them. They punt. It’s Toney fielding punts now.

Pacheco is starting over CEH now, and after a good run by Mahomes and a 20yd completion to JuJu, takes the handoff up the middle… and fumbles it. Jags recover.

They again start well, and again Jones & Gay shut things down. Another punt, which looks ugly on our return but is actually a good play by Lammons (Screw you, Bengals). A Jags player touched it first, Lammons jumps in because the Jags can’t recover it, it rolls around and ends up in the end zone. So instead of starting at the 3, we start at the 20. The Chiefs drive in short order, aided by good Pacheco runs and a 46yd completion to Kelce, to a Hopalong Toney TD, his first NFL TD. Chiefs by 7, and it’s feeling like it’s going to be a good day.

On 2nd down on the next Jags drive, Chenal gets his first NFL sack. On 3rd down, Jones and Dunlap meet at the QB, and it is another punt. We like that idea, and punt it right back. Jax gets it at their own 46, get to the KC 30, where Saunders gets the Chiefs’ 3rd sack of the half, forcing an FG try. It is no good, and the Jags have been in KC territory 3 times with nothing to show for it.

We take over and, in order, Jet sweep with Toney for 30, Pacheco runs for 9, and MVS for 17 and a TD. Three plays, 7 points.

The Defense gives nothing back and again, the Jags punt. On this drive, JuJu is leveled by Cisco, on a play that amazingly didn’t draw a flag. Well, it did, but the refs picked it up. On our next drive, Cisco again levels a WR, this time MVS, and it sends them to the blue tent. Again, to the surprise of Nance and Romo, no flag. Also on that drive, Toney again impresses with a 23yd play and the drive finishes with a Noah Gray TD, his first of the year. Chiefs 20-0.

Then things get too interesting. The Jags finally put together a real drive and in about 36 sec, go 61yds for a TD. Ok, fine. It’s 20-7. Except on the kickoff, a squib kick, Jody Fortson returns it, fights for yards we don’t need, and fumbles it right back to Jacksonville. They get off two plays before trying, and missing an FG. So…no blood, no foul. Halftime, and it feels over.

The 3rd quarter consists of two drives. The Jags get the kickoff, keep the ball for over nine minutes, and get a Field Goal. The Chiefs eat up the rest of the quarter, score on a Kelce TD, and it is 27-10 going into the 4th quarter. The play of note on our drive was the one that amazed me when I saw it live. Toney, in the middle of his route, preparing to jump for the ball, simply adjusts his gloves while everything is going on around him. Jaw dropping how in the middle of all that, he just decides “Oh, these are a little loose. I’ll just snug them up.”

In the 4th, MVS came back, which was a good sign. Pacheco and McKinnon were solid, but with 7:55 left, Cisco picks off Mahomes. On the play, the refs again pick up a flag against the Jags, this time for Roughing. Jacksonville turns it into a Kirk TD, so 3 turnovers netted them 7 points. I can live with that. 

Chiefs 27-10

Season Record 7-2

Mahomes 26-35 331 4TD 1INT

Pacheco 16-82yds

Kelce 6-81yds

Gay 6 Tackles 1 Sack

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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2022 Game Highlights

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Ahhh … Good Times , Good Times … ; )

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