Creating A Dynasty

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Editor’s note: This is a fanpost by Jason_from_El_Paso.

SEVEN Consecutive AFC West Titles, Hosted the AFC Championship FIVE times in a row, THREE Lamar Hunt trophies in four years and TWO Lombardis!


Read that again … does that sound like the start of a dynasty?


What does a dynasty look like? And how do you keep it going for many years? Being a middle of the road fan, I don’t claim to be an expert in talent evaluation, salary cap or draft value, I’m just a guy who loves watching our Chiefs play and hope we never have to relive the pre-Andy Reid days again.


My definition of a dynasty doesn’t come from stats or domination for the sake of domination, it comes from winning. Not just winning in the regular season or winning in the divisional round but winning the big one. Was Buffalo a dynasty when they made 4 straight SB’s? Would they be a dynasty if they would have won one or two of those?


In my mind there are only a few dynasties in the NFL and that is the 80’s-90’s 49ers, the ‘02-’19 Pats, the 70-80’s Steelers and now the Chiefs beginning their run at one. Each has their own strengths. The 49ers with Montana/Young/Rice, the Steelers with the Steel Curtain, the Chiefs with Mahomes and Reid and the Patriots with cheating. I suppose the 90’s Cowboys could be considered a dynasty as well depending on who you ask (i.e Cowboys fans vs non-Cowboys fans).


There are so many pieces that have to mesh well to make a dynasty work. Let’s go through some of those pieces and how I see them going so far in the Chiefs org (spoiler: it’s going pretty well!)


Ownership and Organizational Culture:


Your staff and players don’t do well year after year if ownership on down to the landscapers and janitors buy into a culture of winning and excelling. In the Chiefs case, you almost never hear from a prior player, coach or Front office member that has anything negative to say about the Chiefs which tells me people like playing and working in KC.


Front Office:


From Brett Veach down to each of the individual scouts, the Chiefs are excelling at finding great players to acquire via the draft, free agency and trade. This is evident from the 2023 playoff run in which 13+ rookies and new members of the Chiefs started or played significant snaps! That says to me that the Front Office is made of fantastic evaluators of talent and fit.




I think we all can now admit that Andy Reid is one of the greatest coaches of all time! We are lucky to have him. I think Reid is a fantastic teacher and coach who does everything he can to make his players and other coaches successful, including helping his Coordinators and coaches to advance in other organizations. Many have questions about individual situations where maybe a poor play call or time management came up, but by and large, the Chiefs have a better coached team than a vast majority of the NFL.




We obviously have the best Quarterback and Tight End in the NFL, arguably the best DT and top 5 C, LG and RG along with some other fantastic players throughout our roster. Having Patrick Mahomes really covers up some holes in the roster and makes up for a number of those shortcomings that we may have. We’ve seen in SB 55 that Patrick can’t do it all himself, it becomes extremely important to make sure that Patrick has some great players, some good players and a lot of good depth players around him to make sure he doesn’t have to do it all!


Outside of personnel, there are a few things that need to happen to keep the dynasty going:




Obviously, having good drafts as we go is of the utmost importance to keep under the salary cap and to replace players that leave after pricing themselves off the team. I believe all of the 2022 draft class was a huge win for this team and this SB run. Luckily, Brett Veach and his team are turning into Draft experts who don’t miss often.


Fans need to be ready for many very good draft picks to not make an immediate impact because this Chiefs team is already VERY good so draft picks will have to be that much better to get on the field.


Free Agency:


I believe it to be very important that we continue to bring in veterans through Free Agency (especially those who are very good but toward the end of their career) to help with leadership with our young players and also bring in motivation to win their first SB after a longer career or perhaps to win one more on the way out depending on the vet. Carlos Dunlap and Terrell Suggs are fantastic examples of great additions to this team.


The potential pitfall of this is you may find vets unwilling to work as hard as this team requires or they don’t buy into the team first mentality.


Fans need to be ready for players to chase larger contracts and “pricing themselves out of Kansas City” due to having looked really good as a piece of a really good football team. We won’t get to keep them all!


Health and depth:


It seems that we have one of the best training departments in all the league and although injuries happen, managing injuries is of the utmost importance. We saw how not having depth and losing basically our entire O-line cost us in SB 55. Because of this, I believe it makes sense to keep known values like Clark and others while we build through the draft. Joshua WIlliams is a great example of depth helping. When Sneed went down in the AFC Championship, Williams came in and played a great game! Also, bringing in Matthew Wright was a good holdover for Butker when he was out. Not to mention Justin Reid as our emergency kicker a couple times.




I think every Super bowl winner has gotten a call to go their way, a ball bounced their way (sometimes literally) or just escaped some injuries that could have ended a player’s year (i.e. Pat’s ankle).


And although luck really does happen, good and bad, you generally create your own luck by creating an organization from top to bottom that has players, coaches and Front Office pulling in the same direction.


Considering all of this, the Chiefs are MOST DEFINITELY a dynasty and all signs point to this dynasty continuing for many years! This is the golden age of Chiefs Kingdom and I couldn’t be more excited to live in the moment with this team year after year.

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03/16/2023 8:03 pm

Just thinking…
Why do we consider one team a Dynasty, but never mention another?
Steelers. Dynasty. 4 wins, but took 6 years to do it, so basically two different teams with two mini-dynasties
Miami. 3 straight SB’s, two wins. Not even mentioned as a possible Dynasty. They had the only perfect season. No love.
Vikings. Buffalo. Four appearances each, Buffalo of course 4 straight years. We could have had 5, but we have seen how hard it is to get back to the big one. Vikings, I get that. Bills? I do not. They absolutely were a Dynasty in the AFC. They owned it for four years.
SF, Pats, even us. Every win was with a drastically different team. The supporting casts change, but the QBs stay the same. So is it really a team dynasty? Or is it a player dynasty? Specifically, a QB dynasty? If you look at our LIV vs LVII teams, it’s really hard to consider them the same team. We had 13 players on both teams. Couldn’t even start an offence AND a defense with players from the first one.

Jason from El Paso
Jason from El Paso
Reply to  NovaChiefs
03/17/2023 9:27 am

Great thoughts Nova! I do agree about the Dolphins for sure. That was a big miss on my part.

In my mind the dynasty is the org as opposed to the team makeup. Otherwise there would be no such thing. Every team has some kind of core that remains the same but no team has an identical 53 year after year.

I definitely appreciate the discourse my man. Really interesting thoughts to ponder here!

Reply to  Jason from El Paso
03/17/2023 9:34 am

AFA Dolphins, I didn’t mean no love from YOU, I meant o love from ANYBODY. They are never, ever mentioned. The Perfect Season might actually be the reason. It overshadows everything else

Jason from El Paso
Jason from El Paso
Reply to  NovaChiefs
03/17/2023 1:46 pm

I think you’re right. Always thought of them as a perfect season and no multi year domination. Obviously they did have longer term success and they should be spoken about in that way.

Jason from El Paso
Jason from El Paso
03/15/2023 7:22 pm

Oh sweet! Thanks for posting Tony! Happy to read all the feedback!

03/15/2023 2:47 pm

great post and completely spot on, Jason … though I’m hard pressed to say the Bills of the early 90’s was NOT a “dynasty” as that franchise had a LIT of winning winning winning going on AND made to the SB 4 times in a row (something that had never happened before and hasn’t happened since”

the definition of “dynasty” is elusive (as Big Chief said: a couple of different places have different views and ideas on it” … one thing for sure: right now the Chiefs are just that: a dynasty

may not win as many SB’s as the Patriots but most definitely “right up there” with some of the best of them

Jason from El Paso
Jason from El Paso
Reply to  upamtn
03/15/2023 7:27 pm

Thanks for the thoughts my man! I agree we’re definitely a dynasty.

Jason from El Paso
Jason from El Paso
Reply to  upamtn
03/15/2023 7:31 pm

Also, completely understand calling the 90s Bills a dynasty. Makes perfect sense.

03/15/2023 12:19 pm

I’m hopin’ we can finally pull that ” Clock Management ” Monkey Off AR’s Back …

IIRC … In SB LVII We had the ball, W/ a Tied Score , around the 11 or so Yardline w/ Over a Minute Left …

We Kicked it Back to Philly UP 3 , With 8 SECONDS LEFT !!! … ; )

Reply to  KCChef
03/15/2023 2:48 pm

because everyone on the team made sure that Jet knew to slide down before he got to the goal line … everyone on Offense knew that was the plan

Jason from El Paso
Jason from El Paso
Reply to  KCChef
03/15/2023 7:29 pm

I don’t know that I had heard the clock management comment in a couple years but I think you’re right that he did a good job end of the SB.

Big Chief
Big Chief
03/15/2023 11:54 am

I’ve seen a couple of sites that use some mathematics to determine dynasties that I like.

Football Outsiders has a Dynasty ranking system. They use a pretty basic formula to determine and rank dynasties, including when a dynasty period starts and ends. This version of the Chiefs has been moving up the board and I’ll be interested to see the updated list and where they land when they roll it out later this offseason.

I also saw a site (The Athletic, maybe?) that put up a ranking for teams based on their history using a similar method, with points for winning seasons, championship appearances and wins, etc. The Chiefs jumped up to (I believe) the second tier with this past seasons results.

Jason from El Paso
Jason from El Paso
Reply to  Big Chief
03/15/2023 7:25 pm

That’s cool to see a mathematical way to judge it although I’d imagine some of that has to be subjective. Thanks for sharing!

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