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Arrowhead Guys (finally) launch their podcast, listen to Chop Talk with Tony and Dave within.

Back again for another boring day at work? Plug in your headset and let Tony and Dave entertain you on a whatever the eff day this is!

This week Chop Talk marches on without Dave, as I’m joined in studio by special guest @The Artist Chief, along with old pals @Rone and @Karl Hungus for an ultra massive all mailbag show.

The Arrowhead Guys Podcast Page can be found here and you can subscribe via the iStore, Google Play and Spotify.

Click here to access Chop Talk Ep 45 or keep scrolling and listen right here at Arrowhead Guys.

Warning: This episode is “Mature Language”, as Chop Talk has found its groove. So while fun, listen with headphones if you are at work. Obviously.

Chop Talk With Tony and Friends

Welcome to the Episode 45 of Chop Talk with Tony and friends. We are joined by the Artist Chief, Rone and Karl Hungus this week. We recorded the episode in its entirety with no editing, one shot through. We also drank heavily beforehand. We can not be held responsible for the content of this podcast. We reveal the Corona Dumbass Of The Week, discuss the BLM movement and review Tony’s bookmarks before hitting the massive four-man mailbag.


CoronaDumbass Of The Week


Tony’s Bookmarks



CoronaDumbass Of The Week

Gotta listen for it this week…

Tell us what you think about the show! What would you like to hear next week?

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06/08/2020 2:17 pm

Tony – well said your opening comments!
Only people of color know “what it has been like & still is”.
Being a minority – I have always used it to – push myself to be better (life is about choices, drive, discipline, desire)

  • 13 years picked fields – hardest work ever done (mad respect for the people that do it DAILY)
  • 14 years old lived on my own (didn’t live with family or friends)
  • paid my own way thru college (worked 3 jobs at same time)
  • bought my 1st home @ 20
  • nationally, for all companies I’m in top 5% for sales for my professional career field
  • paying it forward (example: when you make it to the top, send the elevator back down to, bring someone up)

5 run-ins with cops:

  • 2 were bull jive
  • Cop use to follow me from home to high school, for no reason & for months. Gave me at least 5 tickets, all bull jive – driving to slow in a residential area, not turning on my turn signal within 100 feet of a stop light, making too wide of a right turn — all facts. Finally, I had a enough and beat the sh*t out of his son —- who was in the same grade in High School. The following stopped.
  • Other Bull Jive item, I posted on ArrowHeadGuys, the day after Bashaud Breeland video
  • 3 were stupid sh*t things, that I own up to when I was under 23

One Love – Bob Marley

Reply to  gonzangkc11
06/08/2020 2:25 pm

Hang in there, bro.

Reply to  gonzangkc11
06/08/2020 7:42 pm

Agreed on Tony’s opening comments. They were very level-headed, which some of us (including me) were lacking on Friday and Saturday. ???????????

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