Chiefs Need a Statement Win

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The Chiefs are finally back from their bye and healthier than they have been since week one. The Raiders come into this game after being embarrassed by the Jets a week ago and they are going to come out wanting to win this game. Mahomes hasn’t played in Arrowhead in nearly two months and he’s just as excited to get back home in front of the fans that love him so much.

The Chiefs only put up 28 points in week two against these Raiders but they were healthier then and at home. The Raiders will still try to play man coverage as it is their defensive preference. But Tyreek Hill wasn’t in that game which really changes things on offense for the Chiefs. This is going to force the Raiders to roll coverage to Hill and not pay so much attention to Watkins or Kelce in efforts to stop the big plays. This will likely open up the middle of the field. (embed tweet here)

This play works for the Jets because of Le’Veon Bell and the threat to run the football but play-action passes have been very successful for the Chiefs this year even without a great running game. The Chiefs have some serious speed at receiver and can simulate some of the same types of man-beating route combinations. Stretching the field is something this team has been doing the last two years and they should be able to attack the middle of the field without Vontez Burfict there for the Raiders.

We saw the Chiefs attack this team vertically in week two even without Hill in the game and with the wind possibly being a factor in this game they might look to keep the ground game going. But let’s not forget about what they did to the Raiders.

The Chiefs need a convincing win against the Raiders to remind everyone that they are still a threat in the NFL. What’s transpired this season has forced people to rethink this team but we’ve seen them at their best on both sides and that is the best team in the NFL. The Raiders are going to have to rely on their front four to generate pressure and get in the backfield to stop the run game that should feature Darrel Williams, in my opinion, with Damien Williams ruled out. The Raiders are pretenders in the league and this division and the Chiefs will exploit that on Sunday. What is your biggest Key in this game for the Chiefs on offense?

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11/30/2019 10:37 pm

Afternight in 23 or so. Who’ll show up? Find out after 11:00.

11/30/2019 10:34 pm

The Chiefs defense needs a statement game. That’s been the biggest question mark for them if they intend to win a Championship .

Reply to  Chiefs1967
11/30/2019 10:36 pm

Pardon me if I differ, but IMO the only “statement” the team needs to make is “We’ve got our act together now.”. That doesn’t necessarily mean flashy, a solid but ugly win would do.

Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
11/30/2019 10:48 pm

Irrespective of 1967’s comment, aren’t having our act together and an ugly win mutually exclusive? What’s the difference, in your view? Seems like the ugliness this team displays comes from discipline issues, to a certain extent.

Reply to  Snafu
11/30/2019 10:54 pm

If we take care of the things you mention in response to Sudden, we shouldn’t win ugly, right?

11/30/2019 10:08 pm

I’ll settle for any win this week and save the statements for the following week and then the postseason.

Reply to  Sudden
11/30/2019 10:17 pm

To be frank what I would like to see is a hard-fought win that comes down to doing the basics well. Technique, flag discipline, teamwork. Take care of all of those and I think we’ll win. There are other ways, of course, but I’d like to see one where our guys got down to the nitty-gritty in order to win. Love me some Big Red, but a dose of Marty’s smash-mouth, destroy the Raiders mentality would not be unwelcome.

KC Dude (A.K.A Zif)
11/30/2019 8:24 pm

I am hoping that Reid learned something by watching the Ravens, 49ers, and Jets games last week. Score, score, and score again. Just keep doing that until the final whistle.

KC Dude (A.K.A Zif)
11/30/2019 7:45 pm

Tricky play there OU

11/30/2019 7:43 pm

I’m going to take minor exception to what Nate wrote and say that while the LBs will be an important factor, you can’t ignore that Pennel has shown up big against the run. Add in a (presumably) fully healthy Frank Clark, not to mention CJ and the rest of Sack Nation and IMO the line isn’t as vulnerable to the run as it was earlier in the season.

And if the weather’s bad, so much the better. If we presume that both Ds shut down the running game I like Mahomes as a passer far, far more than Carr. Besides, in Reid’s system screens and short passes are an extension of the run game, so shutting down traditional rushing plays will only take you so far. Nothing’s certain in football, as demonstrated by the year my HS team was ranked dead last in the state and came out hungry enough to stomp the #1-ranked team into the dirt. That was an extreme outlier for that season, but they did beat “The Big Blue” – and on their home field, too. Anyway, nothing’s certain, but I think the Good Guys aren’t going to go in overconfident because they know that while things have likely turned the corner, their overall play has been ragged. They know, probably more than any of us, that ragged play isn’t going to win playoff games, so I expect them to go out and try to play a smooth, clean game.

11/30/2019 7:04 pm

So, how have I been spending my evening? Eldest has a headache, so asked me to do his “homework” for him WRT the John Snow pump map of a district of London back in 1854. What he was looking for didn’t seem to exist when I consulted maps from before and after Snow’s – and getting three different maps spanning maybe 80 years to all line up via reference points nearly gave ME a headache.

This naturally led to a discussion about the illness and death of Prince Albert, who fell ill in 1859 with stomach cramps. While Buckingham Palace isn’t all that far from the area that Snow studied, cholera was well-known enough to seem unlikely to confuse his doctor, but given bad water in nearby areas the local population probably had immune system problems and could have provided an indirect vector to Albert. Or it could’ve been Crohn’s or even cancer, as some moderns suggest.

IOW, just a typical family conversation. lol

Severely Concussed
Severely Concussed
11/30/2019 6:17 pm

I am more concerned about this game with the weather they are forecasting. 40mph wind gusts will force the teams to keep the ball on the ground. Our running backs already have a hard time holding on to the ball and there is a chance the balls will be wet.
If we win the toss, Andy better take the ball, get up early and make Carr play from behind.

11/30/2019 6:09 pm

If we contain the Raiders running game, it should be over since Carr is not going to carry this team. Huge game – will be a good win whether we win by one or by forty.

11/30/2019 5:34 pm

Biggest key for me is continue to score. Don’t go up 3 touchdowns, then get soft. Don’t let them claw back into it.

11/30/2019 5:35 pm

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“Infantry reserves to the center, it ends today!”

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