Breaking News: The NFL Changes To XFL-Style Kickoffs

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This is arguably the biggest rule change in decades, as a fundamental play is now changed forever (Update: It’s apparently a one-year trial, but it seems unlikely they’ll go back). This style of kickoff is much safer for players, while encouraging more returns to make it more exciting.

There is one downside though.

While this was so rare that it has little practical impact, it’s sad to know we’ll never have a moment like Super Bowl 44 again, where the Saints famously kicked onside to start the 2nd half.

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03/27/2024 7:42 am

Talented Running backs just became a little more valuable.

03/26/2024 4:07 pm

Why not just change it to flag football? It is a CONTACT sport. There is only so much you can do to a contact sport to make it safe.

Reply to  NHChiefsfan
03/26/2024 5:21 pm

There’s contact. Just more like the contact you’d get during any other play. Nobody is running at full speed with a 20 yard head start to slam into the runner who ALSO is going full speed with a 20 yard head start.
It’s not any different than running a sweep. Is that not contact football?

03/26/2024 3:39 pm

Here it comes….every day will be game day, soon

For those who haven’t started their Christmas shopping yet, it falls on a Wednesday this year.

Last edited 24 days ago by NovaChiefs
03/26/2024 2:10 pm

Reply to  upamtn
03/26/2024 5:21 pm

JJ is full of Caca

03/26/2024 1:18 pm

Saw the headline and thought someone scheduled their April fools post for the wrong day.

Team Player
Reply to  Tyrone
03/26/2024 1:42 pm

No. That’s the first “You May Also Like” article below.

03/26/2024 12:18 pm

Toub should be able to do some interesting things with this.

Team Player
Reply to  hoosierchief
03/26/2024 1:41 pm

I have lots of crazy ideas. He has more and less crazy ones I’m sure. Someone is going to get surprised by a new wrinkle every week.

03/26/2024 11:36 am

Kinda confused on the video … Do Teams have to wait for the receiving team to touch the ball on the Kick Off B4 crossing the LOS ? … ( That was My take away from the Video … ; )

Reply to  KCChef
03/26/2024 11:53 am

Yes. No one on either team can move expect the kicker and the returner until the ball is touched or hits the ground

Reply to  NovaChiefs
03/26/2024 2:05 pm


I no like it, but then I no have a vote on it

Reply to  upamtn
03/26/2024 5:23 pm

I don’t see the problem, other than giving the ball at the 30-35. It very well could lead to MORE exciting returns and FEWER penalties on the play. Harder to block in the back when the guy is not running by you at full speed while you are standing still

03/26/2024 10:27 am

Can’t be worse than what they did this year, but giving the ball at the 35? That seems a bit much.
And fuck the Saints and Sean Payton. Both were/are overrated.

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/26/2024 11:54 am

Ok, that’s better. Should have left it at the 25

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/26/2024 2:06 pm

had they just left it alone at the 25 for kickoffs they’d have more returns

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/26/2024 3:07 pm

If the return guy clears the first line, he may be gone. Only half the guys will really have a chance to tackle him, with the others being out of position from the start

Team Player
Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/26/2024 11:54 am

Yeah. I heard that too.

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